Sunday, January 29, 2017

A post from fall 2015.

I found this. I had it all ready to post back in 2015. I guess I needed to wait a little over a year before I was ready to post it. So here it is:

If I were to sit here and blog real quick, I might say that I feel like my homesteading dreams are dying. A majority of that is because we are pretty happy with where the homestead is right now. We have fresh milk from a grass fed mini cow that is enough for us and that costs a little less than what we could purchase from someone else. We have grass fed beef that is much less than we could purchase otherwise. We have a bunch of chickens that are going to start laying again soon. It has all become our "normal". It's not really a dream anymore. And I can't fathom setting any new dreams out there. I'm waiting for longer periods of peace in this house before we can do that.

I'm keeping little people alive in here, homeschooling our oldest, and trying to keep things floating. We recently had to learn a bunch about our car to try to get it running again. We still have a couple issues, but at least it starts. A lovely little rodent made a nest in the wires under the computer - so the problems may be complicated to diagnose and find.

I'm also way too busy keeping doctors appointments. My days are somewhat consumed with analyzing symptoms, and keeping a running list of possible things to discuss. Isaac is being treated for a tick infection of who knows what and started having random migrating pains. I'm back on a strong antibiotic because apparently my fight with Lyme disease isn't quite over. This is both private and public. I mean, I feel like I'm being fake because I just don't want to talk about it even though it's just about what our whole schedule is ruled by. Medicine schedules, prescription pickups, phone appointments, in person appointments, bills, and submitting bills for reimbursement. I thought for sure we'd be done with this by the new year, and we could finish up the bills and move on.

I'm mostly absent from facebook other than messaging in my private account. The newsfeed was getting to be too much. I'm still posting to instagram and enjoy that quiet feed of lovely pictures and little tidbits of info underneath. It's enough and it's inspirational. Not being consumed with the plethora of information from the facebook newsfeed has added so. much. peace. It also allows me to walk into a room with a friend or acquaintance and know nothing about what they have said to or about others in the past weeks since I've seen them. It's funny how that feels old school.

Knitting, crocheting, tunisian crocheting, sewing, painting - I've been "making" lately. That feels good. It's attainable, and it's enjoyable with our children too. I've seen eyes light up at momma made stuffed animals, handmade crowns and capes. I've enjoyed making potholders for a few people, dish cloths, a bag, and sitting down to mend a shirt. I've been doing some drawing and art with the boys and a special date day was driving the kankamangus highway and stopping to take pictures and paint a few things.

Noah went from not knowing all the letters of the alphabet at the beginning of the school year, to being in book 3 of explode the code and reading well for his age. Joel calls him a sponge. With the right tools, he flies. He also does well with the math curriculum we chose and could go on for hours. It really has more to do with when I need to have us stop the lessons because of lunch time. I've decided to focus more on reading, writing and arithmetic. I had started out with a more formal science curriculum, but he didn't need to have a stack of courses in front of him everyday. He absorbed more when we did less, and he still learns a lot from free play. We do history and geography once a week, art, etc. It's been great.

So that's an update on what's happening here.

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