Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Peter Brendan

Today was a great day so far, despite the dramatic exit at the doctors office when the swinging door broke the plastic cover on the emergency light and knocked down the bathroom sign. *sigh* Having three little guys go with me to my doctors appointment is always an adventure, but I love them and they are such a blessing.

So lets talk about that sweet third child that was added to our family last December! Although the timeline of when I was pregnant was really difficult because of Lyme Disease, I was never miserable because of the pregnancy. Most of the pregnancy felt really positive even while the Lyme Disease was often debilitating and had various effects. We had one little scare when his heart rate and mine were elevated more than anyone liked, but an extra ultrasound and a non-stress test sent us home to wait it out.

With a Lyme specialist MD letting my midwife and I know that he didn't think there was any automatic reason to do a hospital birth, we went ahead with the plan at a Birth Center. What's more, he had a lot of respect for midwives and conveyed that to my midwife/ND. Such sweet little additions to our difficult journey.

My middle son, Isaac, was 2 weeks and 1 day late, vbac, and I had to be induced with Pitocin. This time, I was counting on my body responding a little faster since I had now done it all once before, and was hoping natural induction methods would help things along. 1 week and 6 days late, my water broke and we headed to the birth center in the middle of the night. The birth center was an hour away, so we arrived at 3am and got some more sleep with contractions around 5-6 minutes apart.

I'm really not going to tell all the details, but I was so happy to be able to have all this happen basically on it's own. I got into the waterbirth tub late morning and we had him about an hour later. It was just really fantastic and I felt so comfortable with the people that were there (two midwives, a midwife in training + my husband) and the environment. It wasn't distracting. I know that and the water helped pain management for me.

Peter was a good sized baby at 9lb 8oz. He looked so different from my other two that I was honestly startled to see his sweet face and very short hair. He was strikingly unique right from the get go and continues to be!

We were going to be looking out for a fussy baby, for feeding and sleeping issues, for weakness etc. to keep an eye on Lyme being passed in utero, but he showed the opposite! He was a healthy, strong newborn baby. He has been so calm and happy - the quietest of all my children. All his newborn tests were negative for Lyme!

Calm with my midwife holding his hands.
I don't know what kind of danger he was really in or how to quantify that. I was always concerned about how much what I was going through affected him. I saw that his heart rate seemed to be tied to mine, which was slightly elevated, but never quite in the danger zone except that one time. While I was my sickest, he didn't move too often, but moved enough to let me know he was still there throughout the day. And when Lyme treatment got more effective, he perked up as I did and it was such an unbelievable joy to feel him bouncing around and know that whatever danger he might have been in, it was getting better!

This is where his middle name came from. We knew his first name from early on in the pregnancy, but later on I came across "Brendan", which means brave, and it seemed to fit so well. I felt so sorry that he had to go through all the miserable moments with me, but he was a champ. His life also made me search out answers to my illness with zeal because of how it could affect him and I know that saved me a lot of prolonged pain and difficulty, too. He was helping his momma without knowing it and before he even came out of the womb.

We love this little guy.

Coming home the same day he was born to rest in our home.

1 day old

2 weeks old



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