Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Surprise! (but is it really a surprise?)

Can I manage to write a quick post while my son is still struggling to fall asleep for nap so that I can still manage to get a nap in? We'll see.

I need this nap. I've needed these naps for the past 3 months and beyond, but especially the past three months. The sky doesn't fall down if I don't, but it isn't pretty. Anyone getting the hint?

Other parts of daily life I've mentioned in posts: I was sick (sort of often), and I have the super power taste buds and sniffer lately.

I think you've guessed it. I'm pregnant! 15 weeks and 4 days today. I am due on my husband and my grandfather's birthday! How cool is that? But we are expecting it to be more around December 5th. I've got late babies.

Here are some early belly pictures:

We have a wonderful midwife that we decided to go with. She did her thesis on home VBAC deliveries (awesome! I didn't know this until the first appointment!) and is also a certified Naturopathic Doctor. We won't be home because we live too far away from a hospital, but if all works out well, we'll be at a birthing center that is much closer to us than the hospital we were at last time. If you didn't know, I had Noah via c-section and Isaac via VBAC at 42weeks and 1 day with pitocin.

At our first appointment a couple weeks ago, I left beaming. We heard the heart beat, which was so reassuring. There were so many pieces of information I received that showed how God's hand has been in all of this (read: all my pregnancies and beyond) and specifically my last pregnancy with Isaac. I prayed through that pregnancy and meditated on Philippians 4:6-8 because the first VBAC is approached with so much caution (so are subsequent ones, but to a different degree) and, for me, conflicting professional opinion. I wanted all options open so that we had the best chance of success - no time limit after breaking the water, no pitocin time limit, not forced to stay in hospital after pitocin was started if it didn't work, not confined to a bed... All those options were at this hospital we chose. I figured if my body couldn't do it, I still gave it a shot and was in the best place possible for care. I should have written down the amazing story after Isaac was born (even with a few major drawbacks and issues). I now know even more about how amazing it really was. We don't always know the things that are orchestrated behind the scenes (and don't need to), but a glimpse into that took my breath away.

Now we are on a good path for this little babe. I can't wait to meet him or her! We've already got a few names picked out. Our home renovations now have a time limit and I'm excited to get a room ready for a baby again! Serious excitement here and I'm loving these pregnant days, even with the slight sickness.

Well, we are off to nap time. Growing a baby is tiring, but so worth it. Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Another miracle coming for you. I am so happy for you my dear! Bright Blessings to you!




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