Monday, June 30, 2014

End of June 2014 update

Update time! We finally got things going in the garden. We are starting very late, but we might as well try. This will be picture heavy with some explanation. That's my favorite way.

Our first strawberries are coming. We are pinching off the flowers on most of the plants so that they focus on root development and multiplying this year. This was the suggestion from the gardener we purchased these plants from.

We also changed the garden area on the side of the house. I've been wanting to mulch in in for a while and we finally did. We decided to add a second raised bed, but this one is lasagna style with lots of repurposed and free material.



decomposable feed bags for paths, chicken turned hay and manure scraps from the yard, free compost from the town,
and a few bags of top soil so we could plant in it this year.
Before new mulch

New free mulch from the town.

Almost finished. We'll be adding more rocks on the boarder and more plants in the corner by the gate

Candy Tuft seedlings in a new to us planter we found at the dump.

English daisies in the other planter we found at the dump.
Now for the big garden. Joel added about 25 feet in length to our garden. He worked on it for two days. We woke up early the next morning to plant our tomato starts. And then later that day I added just about all the other seeds we have.

22ft wide and about 60ft long.


The cows have been doing pretty well. There seems to be plenty of grass for them. We are rotating Buttercup and Buddy on maybe a half acre of grass total. That's pretty hard to calculate because of all the stuff we fence around, but it seems to be enough.

She has only made a fuss about visiting the neighbor cows a few times. Here is an idea of how close they live:

neighbor cows resting just over the stone wall.

Buttercup and Buddy heading up the field to go for their rest.
I literally turned maybe 60 degrees and stood in the same spot for both these pictures. Now you see why a crazy Norway Bull might have made things a little noisier around here this summer. He would be longing for those ladies over there - all. day. long.

Sadly, since I've last blogged, we've lost 8 of those beautiful new little chickens I told you about to a fox. We've taken several measures to get rid of the fox, but alas, he is not confirmed gone. He may have been the road kill that Joel spotted on his way to work.

There has been plenty going on over here - along with midwife appointments and finding out what gender our baby is! So I'll leave you with that exciting announcement until we meet again:

It's a boy!

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  1. The garden is looking great + I hope things pop up quickly for you :) I'm sorry to hear about the fox + your chickens... that's terrible. And congratulations on the baby boy! Hope you're doing great.




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