Saturday, May 10, 2014

Around the homestead: Since I've been gone

I haven't written in a while. We have been very busy it seems, but that's not really a reason. I think I'll just give a few updates and highlights in photos since I've been quiet.

Buddy likes to stand on the hay bale. He's been like a dog. And a goat. He's a lot of energy.

Joel groomed pumpkin the other night. Pumpkin is our favorite.

I love these new chickens. They are so sweet and pretty! We'll have colorful eggs in a couple months!

Joel's almost finished with a greenhouse for us! I'm so ready to get the plants out of our bedroom.

A friend came over to help paint the two kid bedrooms. We also had two great big kids to hang out with the three littles in the living room while we painted. It's so helpful to do things together! This one will eventually be Noah and Isaac's. Joel put trim in when he came home from work. The trim still needs to be painted in this room. It's good to finally be moving on some projects in here.

Since the boys room was still disassembled and waiting for the trim to be painted, we all camped in the living room. Isaac was really excited to be sleeping on the pull out twin bed with mommy. The boys never sleep in our bed at night, so this was a lot of fun.

Joel and Noah slept on opposite sides of the couch. Noah was out cold while Isaac was pretty energetic!

And tonight, all the paint is dried. This is still their temp room, but it will soon be the extra room and needed to be painted and finished anyway. It could be their room for a few more weeks, so they are really excited about it. I don't have a before photo, but picture what two friends, ages 3 and 5, can do with a pen and pencil on 4 walls of a room while their moms make everyone food... I had no idea they lifted writing implements. I was told by Noah that they had made a wonderful waterfall, river, and boat as he pointed all around the room. And what a little boy can do when he finds and sneaks mom's nail polish (which he's never seen me use). He thought it would be nice to paint the walls. Oh, the learning. Thankful for real paint and friends who help! The trim is new too, and I really like it. Thanks Joel!

A happy boy in his new room. He looks so grown up in this picture.

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  1. Wow, I would never image you could collect so much hair from a rabbit! That's amazing.




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