Thursday, May 29, 2014

Selling our rabbits, gardenning updates, and cow shenanigans

Well. What's up around here. So many things, we sold our rabbits, we've done a wee bit of gardening, and we've had plenty of cow related happenings.

Lets start with rabbits.

It took a couple months to be okay with it, but I gave up my rabbits. It just wasn't working out. They were good rabbits, but naturally, the very active boys startled the rabbits often when we were trying to groom them. And grooming them after the boys went to bed and before our bedtime of 9pm wasn't really working out.

I'll also be honest - I wanted to spin, so I wanted the fiber to be produced on our homestead, but I didn't end up liking rabbits. I might be a little sensitive to smell, and although they were generally clean, they still smelled like... rodents. I guess they just aren't for me, and that's okay. 

Empty rabbit hutch waiting to be transformed into a brooding house.
I also decided that now is not the time for me to start this hobby. We are doing home renovations and trying to do a bunch of new stuff this year. This home dairy is new to us and has plenty of challenges. Getting the garden up and working the way we want is challenging too. Maybe another year when gardening, chickens and cows have less for us to figure out.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Around the homestead: Since I've been gone

I haven't written in a while. We have been very busy it seems, but that's not really a reason. I think I'll just give a few updates and highlights in photos since I've been quiet.

Buddy likes to stand on the hay bale. He's been like a dog. And a goat. He's a lot of energy.



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