Saturday, March 8, 2014

Today's Real Life

Wow. Someone just came to my house to pick something up and I had the weirdest responses to statements about our homestead. She was absolutely sweet and has been enjoying following along on the blog, and I sighed and said thank you and “it’s a challenge”, or something like that. And realizing that sounded negative, said something like, “it’s like being in school, but learning about what you want to”.

Still sounds negative.

I realized that I was just a flustered mess and had no idea what to say at any given moment.

Today is a day full of questions and thoughts – as it has been for a while. And I was responding with a brain full of swirling ideas. I’m learning animal husbandry more every day. But currently, what’s on my mind is Buttercup and her calf. I’m trying to prepare for the possible emergencies and monitor her health by staring at her, and seeing what she’s eating.

Chewing bark? Phosphorus might be low. Poop? That’s different than it’s been. Her condition looks great. Is it too great?

And then the decisions to make:

Should I give her that CMPK D3 Drench as she is calving as a preventative measure even thought I tend not to want to use synthetic medications that way? Since I wasn’t able to adjust her diet to reduce calcium, should I give her Epsom Salt as an alternative to the recommended anionic salt that you can give to your cow 2 weeks before calving? Looking at these three resources, (A, B, C) how should I devise my plan of action taking insight from each?

My comments were not negative in my mind – but I certainly wasn’t relating them with a chipper tone as they came from a very tired, deep in thought, and contemplative wife, mom, and homesteader.

How are they not negative to me?

Bring it on! These are the challenges I love and we’ve chosen. Not a negative to me and I wouldn’t want a life that didn’t keep me learning and growing in all useful areas.

It’s like school, but I’m learning about the subjects I want.
Yes. And I love that. I still have to tackle the undesirable aspects that go along with my preferred field of study, but they are still worth it! I think this is why I like the Montessori method of learning. I’m not sure if that is how we will choose to homeschool our children, but it might be something to explore as we try to observe our children’s learning style.

So I thought I’d give you a glimpse into today’s real life.

I’m loving all this homesteading, but if you came to visit, you would see someone who probably has bags under her eyes, and is very earnestly trying not to drift off into lala land. Today has definitely been a day where I’ve needed some rest, which we are taking, and where my spaghetti brain is going in full force. It’s not a good day for productive multi-tasking, or single-tasking.

I am genuinely so in love with our homesteading and sharing it with others. It is a joy, but it is also work and learning and real life is that there are ‘blah’ days.

Anyone else have those days?

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  1. Hoping you have some slower days soon to catch up with life :) I think people falsely assume that when we're pursuing our dreams, it's peachy keen 100% of the time. Unfortunately, that's not realistic for life and there's days that are just plain hard and draining no matter what you're doing in your lifestyle or work. Here's to a brighter day tomorrow! :)

    1. Thank you! I agree with everything you said. Thankfully today wasn't really a bad day, just a different day than I think I usually portray on the homestead. No one has commented about me not acting like it's all peachy keen, or seems to mind. I think I usually seem chipper or share the good and glorious stuff about homesteading, and as I noticed that today, I just wanted to share another side of the coin. ;-)




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