Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday - in print

I didn't know what this would become today. I'm thankful for so many things, but I don't think about that constantly. It's easy to just focus on the lists and chores. Those aren't bad, and those are things to be thankful for in themselves - but it's good to recognize that instead of treating everything like a drudgery.

As I was walking around and snapping pictures of the things I'm especially thankful for this week - it seems to have a theme of book and resources and how those impact us. Here it is:

I'm thankful for:

The Boston Cooking School Cook Book (1896), Super Natural Every Day (cookbook)
King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking.

The library. We never stop learning - right? Or we shouldn't. We are lifelong learners in all aspects of life. I'm thankful for the free resource of a library where I can check out a book for a while, test it out, enjoy it, and then return it for someone else to enjoy. I end up buying some of those books, but I mostly just learn a thing or two and pass it on.

Carrots Love Tomatoes, Keeping a Family Cow, Forgotten Skills of Cooking
For the wisdom from experience, and the kindness of some of these authors as they share all they know on the subject. The above three books have a special role on our homestead.

These help me be a better homesteader and homemaker here. I'm so thankful for my Mom who imparted so much wisdom over the years to me about being a wife, mom, child of God, and homemaker. I use this on a daily basis. In addition, part of how I can serve my family right now is to get out in the garden, in the milk shed, and learn to cook with all the ingredients we'll have here. These three books by these three experienced homemaking, homesteading women are teaching me about old homestead cooking, being a dairy lady, and about gardening. I feel like these books are like an open invitation into the author's kitchen, or barn, or garden to soak up all their advice, and to ask questions - just like I know I am welcome to my mom's to ask questions and pick her brain!

Using the Forgotten Skills of Cooking cookbook to make Mummy's Brown Bread with the kids.
Memories in the making from this cookbook. I hear a recipe - and sometimes it's the simplicity, but other times it's the back story that causes me to want to make it. Darina Allen tells the stories of her growing up with some of these recipes and I can picture and apply how these foods can be a pleasant part of our memories and day.

Mummy's Brown Soda Bread is one of those recipes for our family. There are not so many ingredients that I have to be consumed with keeping my place, and so I can happily carry on conversations with the boys and even let them help. I'm thankful I can make baking and cooking a social and enjoyable occasion with my family.

The Wonderful World of Walt Disney - 4 Vol
For books passed down and their history. These books were my father's, and are now my sister's. But my Dad suggested that the boys might enjoy them for a little while. I'm thankful for a bit of history. That my father's grandsons can read the same thing and hold the same, well used books that he did.

All in all - I'm thankful for print! My children will hear stories their grandparents' read. My family will have old homestead recipes that make use of every part of an animal. I can reference and learn from another's years of experience. There will be memories made by the reading of these books, by enjoying them together, or by the practical application of our learning from them.

And by seeing the physical book in my home, I can always be reminded of what I could learn, share, or teach.

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. That book Forgotten Skills of Cooking looks great! I hve some of those kind of books, simple and easy...

    1. Oh I love it! Not all the recipes are super simple, but she does a great job at teaching skills and explaining things. It's really an amazing book. She has recipes for just about anything you could cook: tripe, tongue, pheasant, pigeon, duck... She also has a section for foraging so that you can learn what you could use in your cooking from your own woods. That's why I love it so much! I wouldn't know how to cook half the things we might end up with here on the homestead!

  2. Great sentiment! Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop :) Hope to see you again today!




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