Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday - from the kitchen

My mom posted on Facebook something about making this a thankful Thursday for herself. I thought that was a fantastic idea. I snapped a few pictures and decided to stay in the kitchen for my Thankful Thursday. Okay, lets start:

I'm thankful for our stores of food and a beautiful way to keep them. 

I have the ugly 5 gallon pails in another room, but I keep 1 or 2 half gallon mason jars of oats, rice, and wheat available. I'm actually running out of every bulk item I get at the precise time that I don't have any food budget money due to purchasing seeds. So within the next couple weeks, I'm sure those oat and wheat berry canisters will be empty. But there is food! We are blessed with a small pantry and plenty of food in the freezer.

That we are not lacking in coffee. I've had two people give me bags of whole bean coffee and as I knew we were running out of our dry goods, I found it funny that we had so much coffee. It's for sanity's sake. I suppose. But really, it is one, very nice and enjoyable part of our day that takes a little longer to prepare with our french press or aeropress, but is a welcome slow down.

My sweet kitchen tools. This keetle has been with us for 5 years now and has made many cups of coffee, tea, and lattes and has sat on every stove we've used. It is never put away.

My trusty duo that Joel bought us last year (The dishwasher and stove). I had to MAKE myself write "us" because I always say "me". Although it was to make my life easier as I do the majority of the cooking and dishes, it has made both of our lives easier as he helps me quite a lot! He's a good husband.

A WHITE kitchen, DOORS on the cupboards and new hardware. I love my bright white kitchen. We started painting 3 months ago. And put the doors on the back burner (pun intended). This was fine for me. But it looks so much brighter with all these doors on now!

A pretty, old dinning room set to sit at with my family. It's lovely to me.

And the view from my kitchen, and my awesome man right there. 

This is our backyard and what I get to see out my kitchen window (and living room window). It is such a joy for our family to watch these animals every day. In that picture, they are patiently waiting for Joel to be finished rolling in their new bale of hay... Their 400-450 lb bale of hay that Joel moves with ease. Oh, he moves the bales of baleage with relative ease too... Those are 800-900... He's the best. And he's all mine. And I'm so thankful we are doing life together.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Your view outside your kitchen window is so lovely! I bet that helps the time go by a bit quicker when doing dishes. Also, your pantry is so adorable :) I am (slowly) starting to stockpile my basics that are used daily (flax, quinoa, nuts, oats, etc), but some things are just so expensive. Thanks for sharing glimpses into your kitchen... very beautiful :)

    1. That window is actually behind the table. But our guests love getting the seats that let them see the cows. I know what you mean on expensive basics! I tried to buy nuts in bulk for a while, but couldn't find any that were a good price... so nuts aren't part of our regular diet. :-/ Sad. I LOVE nuts and seeds. And you are welcome for the glimpses! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I love the Thankful Thursday idea! I may start doing that on my blog :) Which blog is your Mom's so I can link back?

    1. I'd say the more the merrier for Thankful Thursday's and I'm sure my mom would say the same if she knew her comment was being used as a blogging inspiration.

      My mom didn't actually post it on her blog. She mentioned it on her personal Facebook page as what her outlook for the day would be! But I loved the idea and I thought it would be nice to spend time on my blog sharing some things I'm thankful for this Thursday, and probably every Thursday.

      My mom does blog though! Here it is:




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