Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our 2014 Seed Starting Schedule and grow light setup

I've finally finished our seed starting schedule for this year. I didn't include thinning dates, just the dates for indoor planting (if applicable) and when to set out or direct sow. To plan the dates, I used:

Almanac Seed Starting Dates (according to zip code!)
The Year Round Vegetable Gardener (for fall planting)
Baker Creek Catalog
Good old fashioned google

It turned into a color coded spreadsheet so that I could just glance down the week we are in and see what seed starting tasks fall within that column.

  • Green is the suggested planting range for outdoors, dark green is moon favorable dates. 
  • Brown is the suggested indoor starting dates, and dark brown is the suggested moon favorable indoor starting dates. 
  • Most of these have specific dates that I jotted down from the Almanac information. 
  • A few have pink for when I expect to be harvesting them so that I could plan when to do a second sowing for the fall garden.

Here is the chart that I'll have to print out and tape together:

In the future, I might add thinning dates for some of those things, and approximate transplant dates for putting things into bigger pots - but we'll see how this year goes. It is so much easier to have all the dates laid out like this! I can't forget about them or overlook them quite as easily.

So on the agenda to start ASAP was: Asparagus, Rhubarb, Wormwood, Summer Savory, and Onions.

Asparagus and Rhubarb soaking for a few hours before planting.

Our grow light set up is a little hokey but really easy and useful!

We have a wooden table that has been used quite a lot around here: butchering, brooder, whatever my Grampa used it for, and now seed starting. Joel screwed some hooks into the bottom of the table to hang the grow lights from. We lined the wall and floor with the reflective emergency blanket material and placed the table on top of that. It protects the carpet from any water and it helps reflect the light back on the plants.

We might use the top for more seedlings soon if we can rig up a way to hang our other two grow lights, but we have a little before we run out of space under the table. For now, the top of the table is perfect for holding the seeds and planting the seeds.

Well, there you go. The first seeds of the 2014 season are planted!

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and hopefully a lovely harvest.

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  1. I hope you're keeping that door closed still to keep Basil out. Your cat, not the herb.

    1. Yup. We are! She will not be eating our plants this year!

  2. Thank you for sharing at Green Thumb Thursday! I love seeing other people's set ups for seed starting - I always learn something!

    1. I love seeing others set ups too! They've been so helpful for me in figuring out how to make it work this year!

  3. You inspired me to make our own seed starting schedule...thanks for sharing yours!

    1. You are welcome - glad to hear it! This is my first year setting it up this way and it seems to be easier than what I've made in the past. I like the visual.




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