Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Uh, Oh. Only Two Full Days Left in My Garden Planning Month

I intended to organize my garden thoughts and write some sort of garden update last week. That didn’t happen. Instead I spent time with the boys and forgot about my “to do list” for that day (read about that here) – which meant I forgot about it for the next 3 days as well.

That's how much I have left in my book...
A new goal is to finish that lovely book I’ve been reading, Born-Again Dirt, by the end of the month. I've only got TWO more days to do it! It had a quote that I shared on my facebook page and wanted to share here as well:

"If healthy soil is the foundation of healthy plants, then we need to view unhealthy plants as the result of unhealthy soil. The most common approach to dealing with disease and pests today is to treat them as the problem. However, if soil is the basis of health, then we should view them as the symptom of the problem, not the source.

For example, if aphids are attacking a plant, many times it's because the plant is stressed and weak. We can try to find a way to discourage and get rid of the aphids, but they aren't the problem. The unhealthy plant is the problem. The way we fix that is by fixing the soil. The aphids are just doing their job. God designed His creation to weed out things that are unhealthy and sick, so if our plants are that way, then we shouldn't be surprised when plant assassins (diseases and pests) show up and start recycling our plants as food."
pg 65 or Born-Again Dirt

I can’t tell you how much I’m appreciating this book. It’s just so nice to read thoughts from a Christian farmer and how they really worked through all the details to discern how they could most glorify God in the way they farm. It has already had an influence on how we think we might garden this year. It offered some practical thoughts and we learned more about harrowing, shallow tilling, heavy and light mulching, and chisel-type plows.

Another goal I have and would like to accomplish is ALL the gardening plans by the end of the month... I was doing so well with my homesteading schedule earlier in the month, but now I have a feeling I've fallen behind. What ever made me feel that way? Maybe only TWO FULL DAYS left in the month! Ugh. So I've got all my seeds to pick out, and to total the cost of those to see if we need to make some cuts. And then I've got to create a seed starting schedule based on the varieties I picked out.

Catalogs I have so far. Hopefully Seed Savers will come by tomorrow!
I can’t wait for this Thursday when a few ladies are coming over to look through seed catalogs and hang out while the kids play too. I'm hoping to bounce ideas off each other as we talk about gardens and what seeds sound good.

I love this picture from Seed Savers:

It's true. I've really loved dreaming about the garden this month. It's been helpful to set aside January as our garden planning month.

Next month is learning all about bees and I have the goal of finishing my Top Bar Beekeeping book in February.

Okay, off to get ready for the day. Dropping off Joel at work so that I can have the car to pick up milk, do some grocery shopping, and then baby sitting an awesome niece and nephew. I'll have a couple hours of down time here, so I'll be trying to finish Born Again Dirt in that time (yeah right, did you see how much I have left in that picture up there?).

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