Tuesday, January 28, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things: date nights, my husband in the woodshop, and family organization

I love sharing these type of posts. It's a fun way to tell you some highlights of what's been going on.

These are a few of my favorite things lately:

Date nights, bees, and locals
Joel and I had our first agriculture related date night last week. We went to a local viewing of “Vanishing of the Bees” put on by Slow Foods and G.A.L.A. It was really great to see so many from the local community together in one place. When you discover a new local group, it seems like you’ve just discovered this covert operation. It’s pretty special. But in all seriousness, it was wonderful to find some more locals who were interested in some of the same stuff we are. I’m sure it will be even more so if we get to a Small and Beginner Farmer’s meeting. There were beekeepers from local bee clubs and we were told about a bee school starting in February in Concord. I don't think we'll be able to attend that since it's too far away, but wouldn't that be fun!

We are still going to give this a try, but a local beekeeper warned us it might not be too successful (but try anyway).
He went to bee school in 94 and hasn't had success trapping wild bees because there aren't too many around.
Many have died off due to a bee pest - some sort of mite.

A husband in the woodshop
Saturday morning, Joel spent a bit of time in the woodshop. He finished up a stacker, and nearly finished a cutting board. They are beautiful. And he worked on his guitar a little too. It’s been a long time since he’s done that, but he finally has all the tools he needs for the guitar – which has been holding him up a bit.

Keeping some sort of order and routine in the family
I prefer to be flexible, but still need some sort of checklist to know when I’ve finished everything. Otherwise, my multi tasking brain gets distracted while I’m trying to do something and it tries to remind me of all the other things I need to not forget – that makes everything slow down, and drives me nuts. My list doesn’t have to happen in a specific order, but the list helps me prioritize, and forget about the rest of the list until I’m done with the first thing I chose to tackle. I also love that I can put aside the list on Sundays and during family time – ignore the dirty dishes or research for a few hours – and know that I won’t have forgotten what I needed to come back to.
Just for fun, here is an example of a recent list in no particular order:
Cull two chickens
Fix sharethis problem on website
Make potato soup for small group
Pick out songs
Do Taxes
Wash floor
Seed starting schedule

I was thinking about this challenge with Noah and how he needs some structure and reminders, but we still need him to be flexible. Noah and I spent some time choosing pictures online to make him a special picture to do list. It’s a really simple concept and it's working!

We printed out a bunch of cartoon like pictures of different things he does during the day. If Noah is having a hard time understanding the tasks at hand, I can pull out the pictures so that he can physically hold and see what he has to do. In the morning, he has 4 cards: clothes, breakfast, brush teeth, and read Bible. We can do them in any order, but they have to be done before moving on in the day. Later, I might pull out the reading, clean up, lunch time, and nap time cards. There are quite a few other cards including quite time for the evenings when everyone can do some quiet reading.

After one of our Bible readings in the morning when we were looking through his kids Bible (The Family Time Bible – we love this one) Noah commented on a picture where they were blowing horns. I got our shofar off the entertainment center and showed him how it works. He had a blast trying to master it and then show Daddy later.

All in all, it’s been very peaceful here as of late. I’m thankful that there has been plenty of family time, plenty of couple time, well focused quiet times, rest without lists, and finally getting to see my husband back to doing some creative things he loves. I’m thankful that it finally doesn’t feel like we are squeezing any of it in – it just flows.

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