Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Homestead Schedule for 2014 - because we don't want to fall behind!

So, a couple of us are sick as dogs, Noah and me. Noah is resting with TV, and a puke pale, and I’m camped out on the couch with my notes so that I can put a Homestead Schedule together like the one Reformation Acres did. Good thing this is enjoyable and not exerting. All Noah and I want to do is sleep, but Isaac is pretty active still.

I hadn't thought of putting all my to-do lists into one place like this (I'll still keep a separate seed starting schedule). I found Reformation Acres's info on when to preserve certain crops especially helpful in her yearly homestead schedule! We have a whole host of things we don't want to forget, like getting a hunting licence, getting ready for bees, and tapping some trees on the property.

I'll also be using The Old Farmer's Almanac All Season Garden Journal. I've found its tips and reminders helpful as well and it has places to record what seeds you purchased and from what source, and then when you plant them.

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Okay, lets get started.


Set Homestead Goals (Done!)
Plan Seed Starting/Sowing Schedule
Plan Seed Purchases when catalogs arrive
Design Gardens
Plan perenial purchases
   - This year: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, elderberries?
Plan chick purchases
   - Chickens and Turkeys
Home Remodeling Needs
Join Small and Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire
Do Taxes!
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)
(Get Maple supplies to tap what’s on the property)
Figure out estimated homestead cost for year and make adjustments where needed


Home Remodeling Needs continued
Study Bees
Make Top Bar hives and swarm traps
Get Milking Shed ready for March
Get area ready for Calf and re-read info on what to expect (cattle panel?)
   - Get stuff ready to disbud
(Get Maple supplies to tap what’s on the property)
Tap Maple Trees
   - Only if we were able to find the supplies and afford them
Make some sort of greenhouse contraption to start more seeds
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)


Fruit tree work
Maple Sugaring
Clean Chicken Coop
Calving Season! Will it be a bull or heifer?
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)


Prepare Gardens
Do some early planting
Find an easier way to move cow shelter every couple days
Start training calf to electric netting
Prepare for chick orders
Children’s Boutique for clothes
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)

May (Frost date: May 23rd)

Spring Cleaning
Chicks come
Do some late planting
Put cows back on rotational grazing
Clean out Winter Pasture
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)


Start Collecting Hay
Harvest/Preserve: Strawberries, Peas
Clean chicken coop and white wash
(Check hunting courses and sign up when available)


Harvest/Preserve: Pickles, Green Beans, Zucchini*
Continue collecting hay


Harvest/Preserve: Peaches, Blueberries, Corn*
Weekend getaway for Anniversary?

September (Frost date: September 22nd)

Harvest/Preserve: Tomatoes, elderberries, grapes*
Clean Chicken Coop


Fall Clean up outside for winter
Harvest/Preserve: applesauce*
Children’s Boutique for clothes


Butcher chickens/turkeys/cull laying flock
Winter Garden Prep: Cut back asparagus once it has died off and mulch Asparagus and Strawberry beds*
Hunting starting November 12


Butcher larger animals
   - According to weather, check out this link:
Hunting until December 1st or 8th?
Order Seed Catalogs for next year
Do Year end analysis if haven’t done it already

(*Edit and note: these were per Reformation Acres Schedule that I think is very similar to when we will be able to harvest as well. But they might need to be adjusted.)

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  1. How impressive! I am just trying to figure out what I'm doing this month! :) Very inspirational!

    1. Thanks, Mel! Last year we missed maple sugaring and hunting because it just got lost in all the other stuff. Although we might choose to forgo some of this stuff because of time or price, I'd rather make that choice than just forget about it. :-) There are just so many new things we are hoping to do this year!

  2. It looks like you will not fall behind, but be busy ;). Thank you for linking up at Green Thumb Thursday, do not forget to come and link up this Thursday again!

    1. Yes, a little busy. I was excited to find your link up. I used a few of the posts I found on there that I wouldn't have found otherwise! I'll see if I have another green thumb related one to post tomorrow. :)




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