Sunday, July 22, 2012

Normal days at nearly 41 weeks pregnant

Life seems a little too normal these days. Tomorrow, I'll be 41 weeks prego and going in for an ultrasound, non-stress test, and midwife appointment. At this time this year, I thought I would be holding a newborn baby, or at least feeling like his arrival was imminent. It all seemed like it was so close 3 or 4 weeks ago when I had lots of pre-labor signs, but those all pretty much disappeared, and now I just feel like a normal, tired, pregnant lady who must have another month or so to go. Here is a strange list of things that, as of a few weeks ago, I never thought would happen BEFORE Isaac was born:
  • Joel mowed the lawn again.
  • We cleaned some more clutter out of our house.
  • Joel did some major weeding and tilling in the garden. still needs more work.
  • I redid our budget through the end of this year.... AND did a tentative budget for 2013. Say what?
  • We opened a savings account after I finished said budget - this is just too normal. I felt ridiculous walking into the bank pretending like I shouldn't be in labor at 40w5days. 
  • We have been using fine china for the past week - paper plates. The strange thing is, we have still accumulated another back up of dishes
  • I went to the dump with Noah! I don't think I was comfortably driving at 40 weeks pregnant with Noah.
  • We bought Noah training pants and underpants because he decided that he wants to go on the potty more often than not. He is far from potty trained, but he made it through a couple nights without wetting his diaper. What timing he has!
  • AND - I'm sick. bummer. I was trying to stay healthy, but quite a few nights last week with very little sleep did me in. I'm exhausted, have a sore throat, and a terrible urge to cough even when it seems totally unproductive. Most of the symptoms only occur at night, but the exhaustion and wanting to fall asleep while sitting up is constant.

Most of these unexpected things end up being great (even though I would rather be holding Isaac) because it will mean that I have less to keep track of after Isaac is born. This time has also made me think about how different the first week with Isaac will be from the way the first week was with Noah. I'm not taking an 8 week reprieve from my job - being a SAHM is my job! Those 6-8 weeks off from a job after having a baby really make the process seem so set apart from the normal grind of things, but I'll be going back to normal (WONDERFUL) mom stuff as soon as Joel goes back to work a couple days after Isaac is born. I know I will have to recover, but Noah will still need the same kind of attention that he needed before. I still want to have that sense of a set apart time to celebrate the new life, so I'm still brainstorming about how we can do something special as a new family of 4.

And, thankfully, strangers don't think I should pop at any moment, so they don't bother making the comments. I don't feel like I'm going to pop at any moment, so that makes sense. I took the below picture at 39 weeks 5 days after we went blueberry picking and I don't look much different other than tired from being sick.

I stayed home today and sent the guys to church because I didn't want this cold to get worse and I could use some quiet rest in the house. I think after I post this, I'll be heading back to bed. I hope some more sleep will give me more energy and I can do something active this afternoon. Maybe I'll go for a run...

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