Thursday, January 23, 2014

It is quite a joy

This morning, I had feet in my face as I sang the numbers of their toes and the boys giggled and asked for more. I had feet tangled in my hair as the boys laughed hysterically and used me as a jungle gym. I’m pretty sure I learned a few wrestling moves as the boys wanted to be flopped and tossed around like sacks of flour. I also dove across the living room on the hassock while pretending to be some sort of flying superhero to save the grumpy boys from imminent danger of perpetual bad attitudes.

rough morning
Noah and I pretended to be sleeping and snuggled. Isaac crashed the party.

That's all normal mom stuff. But some days it's more significant.

It’s all too quickly that the snuggles are less often. I know Noah might always like to cuddle a little, but it might not be like the warm sleepy snuggle before bed when he wishes he could stay with me instead of sleeping. There are times when his “I like you” means more than his “I love you” as it catches me off guard.

I'm glad he's growing up, but some days, like today, I have to forget about plans and just cherish the moments.

These are the type of moments I never want to forget. And why planning and ‘busy’ things get put on hold sometimes.

There is always something more we could do, something next on our list, or something left to perfect.

And this can wait. Not that it doesn't need to get done - but it can wait another 4 hours or so.
I am blessed by these active boys. I can't wait to see how they grow up and am blessed to have that scary, integral part in their life and development. It is quite the responsibility. And it is quite a joy.

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