Thursday, January 16, 2014

Homestead Update: In a funk? I guess I need to hug a cow.

I think I’m in some sort of homestead funk. We are doing well with all our goals this month. I must just be tired. But hey, I really wanted to write to you all. So I’m just going to start jabbering instead of planning this out or themeing it.

I’ve got quite the current reading list. I just received my first seed catalog yesterday from Baker Creek Seeds! Yes, but not just my first this year; my first ever! In the past, I just purchased at stores and from Amazon – but I’m loving the variety in the catalog and how I can pick these crazy beautiful heirloom seeds I’ve never heard of!

I finished my list of general seeds we want and generally where I want to put them in the garden. I’m using the companion planting book again and I love how much it is helping me be smart about where we put our plants. In a small garden, it would be easy for me to put two plants next to each other that hate each other.

Now on to picking out the specific seed varieties and doing the seed sowing schedule!
I have two non-resource farm books I’m reading. One is called Born-Again Dirt. I’m really enjoying it. It’s hard for me to describe and brag on books like these. That’s because if I’m thinking about all the pros and cons while I’m reading an “enjoyment book” I never finish them because it takes too long and I get overwhelmed. I would end up treating the book like a conversation by either agreeing or disagreeing with the points – and then each page has the potential to take several minutes of "discussion". The fact that I’m enjoying it means that I haven’t found enough to distract me to cause me not to recommend it. (That was confusing.)

It took me a while to get used to his term “Born Again Dirt” but I eventually was able to just adopt it into my mind so that I could continue reading. It’s a great look at how we can most glorify God in our farming! And it has been really inspiring to us.

The second farming book I’m enjoying is Gaining Ground. This is a really unique book. It is a memoir but is a gripping story that lets you into the farming world that we so seldom read enjoyment books about. And a great point was brought up in the forward: Non-farmers would benefit from this book because it is a look into one of the most important facets of our lives – food, and how it gets to our table! Think about it – we have books in law enforcement, government, and other facets of life, but we hardly know a thing about the wonders and troubles of farming; and yet the farmers are absolutely essential to us!

I read a lot of books for information and learning, and it has honestly been hard to just enjoy a book. I’m really trying to do that with this book in particular. I think enjoying a story about an area of our lives that we hardly ever relax in will be more helpful than I could imagine. This area of our lives is so full of learning and growing that just enjoying it for a moment or two is essential.

Born Again Dirt is meant to be practical – but I’m finding it more beneficial to just read it so that I can get the whole thought of the writer and then go back to read anything that is still sticking out to me again. It has already influenced our thoughts on making things beautiful, diversifying, and being fruitful.

And now that I’ve written a bit of this, I know why I’m in a funk:

I need times to enjoy all of this homesteading a little more. (You know what, this is even talked about in Born-Again Dirt.) I have been having a bit of a difficult time because I used to go out while the kids napped, but they haven’t been cooperating lately. I really love our animals and especially sweet buttercup – but my usual time with them has been missing lately. Practically, it all still fits and Joel can do the outside chores when he gets home. I work on our homestead from the inside - crunching number, making lists, organizing, and planning. But walking in the crisp air to bring water to the chickens, filling the cows water while talking with them, and visiting with the rabbits is so enjoyable to me. And while we could treat it all as a chore and understand it only practically, we want to relax in our work and enjoy it a bit too! And for me, that means getting out there with the animals too.

Joel and I just talked about waking up bright and early from now on since I can’t get out of the house in daylight anymore. So even though we don’t really need to, and we don’t need to milk buttercup at 5 or 6am yet, we’ll be giving the early to bed and early to rise method a try a few months early. Of course, our style of farming is pretty flexible and we’ll be flexible in this as well. We won’t generally turn down a fun evening with friends and family!

Okay: 9:30 bedtime for 5am wake up. Hopefully buttercup wants some cuddles in the morning. Because I know I want to go hug her really bad!

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  1. You are not the only one who gets in a funk. I'm a farmwife who does sometimes as well! I think you hit the nail on the nail on the head with how to solve it! Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me that! We are slowly battling the urge to stay up late and moving our "bed time" back so that it is more comfortable to get out there in the morning. I did get to go out and walk around with our cow - it's been a long time. But she was wonderful and it was wonderful to brush her and give her pregnant belly a hug.

  2. January can be such a struggle. Different speed of life and not enough light! you are making a positive decision to combat the thing you cannot change. I remember the days of being home with four little ones and barely making it out of the kitchen, much less getting out the door!

    1. It really is. On the one hand, I'm loving the "down time" because we rotate the cows in the summer, but on the other hand, I really love being out there! I hear you on the kitchen. This messy, from scratch kitchen is kicking my butt lately. I can hardly imagine with 4 littles.

  3. I think it is easy to get so caught up in all of the goals and tasks set before us that we forget to stop and enjoy it. Just like you said remembering why we are doing this in the first place. I think you have the right perspective. I have heard good things about both of those books and am planning to read them, but my reading list is growing much faster than I am reading. :(

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