Monday, January 6, 2014

Epiphany – find the greatest gift

Today is full of thoughts on gifts.

The wise men traveled far to give gifts to the child that would be found under the star!

After we talk about the wise men, recollect the whole Christmas story as a reminder, and set the remaining crèche set out – we go about our morning. Mom reads a little from a book, another gift. And Isaac wanders around in the sweetest pants, another gift. I happily wear my socks, that out of all my birthday presents, have something special to them. A practical, comfortable gift.

And I realize, I am so thankful for warm socks, but also the feet that go in them. The little feet of little ones that will one day be big. The mom feet I have so that I can stand and make oatmeal.

I’m thankful for the plenty of clothes. The plenty of food. The plenty of provision. The plenty to give.

I am thankful for the children I am privileged with. That I did not deserve. Because I am reminded today, just like the rest, that I am not a perfect mom. I am far from sinless and I am forever grateful that the guilt of wrongs and shortcomings doesn't have to weigh me down.

I am grateful that my children see a mom of safety and comfort. That they see someone they want to lie down next to and take their nap. A mom that they only fall asleep with once they’ve told her they like her and love her. That I would know that even despite all my shortcomings for them, they see a  mom they love.

What a humbling gift. I did not deserve them. This tangible, visible gift, right in front of me. A gift that sees past my failures.

And if this, today, was awe inspiring, how much greater the gift of Christ! The gift the wise men went to worship. A gift that came out of love while we were still falling short.

The maji recognized our greatest gift. They searched and followed the star until they saw Jesus and His mother outside their house in Bethlehem.

If you haven’t found Him, search. He has determined who will search and find Him.

If you seek, you will find.

The One who created it all, came. Incomprehensibly, a baby, all God and all man.

Because He loved us. And so that we could know Him, love Him, and be with Him forever in the kingdom.

While a sacrifice had to be paid for our shortcomings in perfection, He Himself, gave Himself, perfection, to be the sacrifice that He required for us to be with Him forever.

What a gift! What love! What freedom! We could never live up to perfection - Christ was perfect in our place.

"How many kings stepped down from their thrones to romance a world that was torn all apart." - Downhere

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