Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A picture recap of Brown Croft Acre! - How it began

I think Brown Croft Acre really started with our first three chickens. We had gardens, but we hadn’t gotten to a point that those really made any real long term impact on our budget or food. We got as much produce as we spent on the garden, and we could know it was raised organically without pesticides or chemicals, but it wasn’t the thing that spurred on the rest.

We had hopes that we would someday have laying hens in a chicken tractor, but were planning to wait until the summer after Isaac was born so that we could do more research on designs and what chicks to get – and make sure we get chicks on time too!

I guess sometimes you just dive in head first though. My mom saw a chicken tractor for sale on craigslist that came with three already laying hens and Joel and I decided to get things started. It was doable!

We had the bug.

The chickens gave us enough eggs for our family. They were inexpensive even with organic grain! And we learned that things aren’t always perfect, but you can keep plugging away and trying to make improvements.

So with the chickens, started Brown Croft Acre. The infamous gateway animal. But we didn’t have the name for quite a while after that.

Here is a sweet recap in picture from our journey. Thanks for taking this journey with us so far! I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2014 holds.

I created this with Google’s Instant Awesome program with the pictures I’ve shared on the blog. I’ve made them mostly in order so that we can see the growth that happened here. This may be a little sentimental for me to watch and it makes me incredibly thankful!

Things you'll see in the movie:
We got our first chickens in 2012. Three Rhode Island Reds.
Blueberry picking at 40 weeks
Baby Boy Isaac was born!
Gardening 2012
Autumn with Halloween costumes
First Vacation in winter
New type of coffee
Meat tractor
Moving chicken coop and fixing it up
4th of july
Yard with two chicken tractors
Before and after Fence
Clearing land
Value of resources – salad bar beef
Using raw milk
Back pasture

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