Monday, January 20, 2014

A fantastic weekend away

We just went away on a lovely weekend to visit our first home as a couple and young family, the Berkshires. It was a very nice and peaceful visit with its share of funny situations and adventure (our road trips are never dull). For most of the day Friday, I tried to get ready for our trip and made a simple list for my parents who so graciously said they would do our chores for the weekend.

Our weekend was fantastic.

(Isaac was making funny faces, so I started recording this video and we had a little conversation about where we were going.)

We started driving at around 5:30pm on Friday for our 4 ½ hour trip. We pulled up a hotel coupon on the phone and tried to check into a hotel in Holyoke, MA. Unfortunately they claimed the coupon had to be printed and I don’t usually travel with printers, so the desk clerk wouldn’t take the coupon and we didn’t want to spend $90 instead of the $50 that the coupon advertised. So we kept driving the rest of the way. We finally found a coupon book on I-90 and stayed at a Super 8 in Lee, MA – which was very nice for us. The kids did great both nights in hotels! We’ve had to each sleep with one child in the past because they couldn’t handle the excitement of sleeping together. This time they happily shared a bed, and stayed in the bed!

In the morning we leisurely checked out and headed to Lenox to have breakfast and lattes at The Haven. This is the café I worked at for a brief time when we lived there and the café that inspired my current latte love and unconventional latte making (read about that here). Their food also got me through some health experiences that were cured by a careful non-dairy, no gluten and no sugar diet for a few months. I was able to find things on their menu for my lunches at work and then use their creative, from scratch, local whole foods meals to inspire my cooking at home.

The beautiful latte from the Haven!
After breakfast, we went to Berkshire Products for some fun for Joel. He found some beautiful pieces of wood for small woodworking and browsed their large inventory.

The rest of the weekend was full of friends! I don’t think I could begin to tell you how wonderful it was to connect with some of our old friends. It deserves the majority of this post, but I don’t have the words to fill it. I don’t even have pictures because we were too busy having a wonderful time with them. It was great to see and hear how their lives were changing and get to share ours as well. We miss them all so much!

After visiting with friends on Saturday, we had headed to a hotel (that I booked on my cell phone 30 minutes before we got there – got a good deal at priceline) and then woke up in the snowy morning to go to the chapel. We greeted, swapped stories, hugged, loved the service, and said goodbyes again. We had a lunch and afternoon visit with more friends and then headed back.

Praise the Lord for good friends, safe travel, fantastic homestead sitters, and a wonderful mini-vacation for the family. But of course, it is good to be home now. I can’t wait to reconnect with a few friends around here! I think there needs to be a garden planning party/seed catalog viewing soon – otherwise known as – a really good excuse and fun occasion to get together with friends.


  1. So great to see you all. The boys are getting sooo big. We love you guys so much and praise the Lord for our continued friendship and fellowship. Guess the ball's in our court now, right? :) Talk soon, a&b xo*4 <><

    1. Haha. Yes! That would be great! Because we'd love to see you up here. My heart if full. I have deep sighs of thankfulness that we finally got to see you all!




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