Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Facebook Blog Page - how did that happen? + some of my favorite blogs on facebook

Why blog?
Sometimes, it’s lonely out here in homesteading land. Having a blog lets it be less lonely. Why? Well, because when someone wants to know what we are doing, they can read about it and comment, or talk to me about it. I know what we do is a little crazy to some, and I’ve noticed that it isn’t an easy topic of conversation. But it is fairly easy to share on my blog, where I can lay it all out, and let people start a conversation at the point they want to talk about it. Otherwise, I can just have the normal conversations (which are still fun) about other stuff. So, I’m not generally lonely, I just mean it can be lonely in homesteading land (which is a huge part of our life) – does that make sense?

Not everyone wants to read a blog that is heavy on the homesteading, or facebook updates about manure – and that is plenty fine. I guess I don't really want to make updates like that  on my personal page anyway. We are friends with different people and share different things in common.

Some friends are:
coffee friends
mom friends
Bible Study friends
farming friends

There is a core that lots of facebookers end up posting – pictures, family updates, current events… Homesteading(/all that other crazy stuff we do) is like that peripheral part I’d like to share and blogging is where I do that (and now the “opt-in” facebook blog page).

Modern technology, the internet, and all these small bloggers have made what we do possible and manageable – and I enjoy adding to that conversation a little.

How the internet has helped homesteading
Small homestead bloggers have been so helpful to me. Pinterest has been an invaluable tool. And Facebook is. When Joel went away overnight one Thursday a couple weeks ago, I started doing a little giveaway rampage. It was fun. I didn’t win any, but I found a whole lot of really cool bloggers. It was a wonderful find and I started to realize how valuable (and fun) all those facebook updates and community sharing have been.

In my facebook news feed, you’ll see John Piper, Voddie Bachman, Polyface Farms… and then the homestead homemaker blogs like The Elliott Homestead, Reformation Acres, The Prairie Homestead. And just recently I found all these wonderful people on facebook (in no particular order!):

The Browning Homestead
Brown Thumb Mama
House Barn Farm
Les Farms
Natural Chicken Keeping
The Farmstead
The Faulk Farmstead
Five Little Homesteaders
Green Eggs & Goats Farm
Ever Growing Farm
Timber Creek Farm
Blue Yurt Farm
The Mind to Homestead
Whistle Pig Hollow

That's a lot, and there are more. I love the inspiration and enjoy seeing pictures and hearing stories from other homesteads.

All these things allow me to stumble upon information I might not otherwise think to seek out!

Example: I learned to make cultured butter from a blogger!
And now we have a facebook blog page - On Brown Croft Acre!
The Faulk Farmstead had a facebook update where she asked for personal bloggers to post their facebook pages so that everyone could connect and like the pages if they wanted to. I mentioned that I didn’t have one yet, but had been thinking about it, and then was given a response to come back and share the facebook page once it was done….

Well, that was the push to do it. I shared this with Joel and mentioned what I had been thinking about lately. He loves the blog and after talking, thought a facebook page was a good idea.

So here we go! The new facebook page is really an extension of the blog. It will be where I let people know I’ve posted to the blog (instead of just occasionally on my personal facebook page), and it will be where I get to just blurt out the crazy homesteading stuff I’ve been thinking. Friends and family who want to stay updated on this part of our life can like our facebook page, and all you I don’t know yet can stay updated as well! And then my personal facebook page can stay all snug and cozy just the way it has been – with those general family updates, fun stuff, some homesteading talk (because that is still a big part of who we are), and the occasional blog link.

I know that sometimes, the connection aspect of blogging will be more important to me (which has been lately), and sometimes it will be the record keeping, the memory storing, or the sharing of experiences and resources with the general public. I’m hoping some things are helpful or interesting to others like other small blogs have been for me.

mmm. A homemade latte! I'll share more about that later!
I hope you all join in on the conversation if you want to on the facebook page and here in comments!

I love this stuff, and I’m excited to share! Thanks for reading!

So how did you get here? And what blogs do you enjoy?
Me? I'll start: I live here. I also love my two SIL's blogs (they aren't on facebook) where I get to stay updated with them and see their homeschooling stuff. I'm a little ways away from homeschooling, but I'll have to start thinking about that soon! Hydrangeas and Harmony and TruJELO. And my friends blog where she updates about her family! The Life of D, A, S, and Em.


  1. Thanks for the mention! I completely understand what you're saying about the loneliness of homesteading - I don't have any local friends that do what we do, so it's hard when you get together with people and this is all you want to chat about. :) I am beyond thankful for the friends that I have made since I started blogging - especially since we are so new at homesteading and have so many questions. I am thankful to have met you as well! :)

    1. Aw, you are welcome. It was so nice to find you and your blog! I can't wait to see what everyone does in 2014! It is nice to know I'm not the only one who feels the lonely homesteading blues sometimes (not that I want anyone else to feel lonely homesteading - of course). I am really thankful that I have a local friend who does similar things and has been teaching me to make cheese. We don't get together too often though because everyone is busy. :-( And then we have other friends who are starting a full fledged farm! Which is so different but amazing!

  2. I love the connection to the outside world that blogging provides too. And if I can in turn help someone with homeschooling or whatever... bonus! :)




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