Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas time is here - photo overload

We had a wonderful Christmas time. It is the day after Christmas, but it still feels like the holiday.

I have to say, it was genuinely sweet and joyous. While I was making a calendar for my mom, I came across a few pictures and couldn’t help but get a little sentimental and miss my Grandparents. Thankfully, we have such sweet memories this time of year. And while going through these Christmas days, I could think back to similar days with happiness.

Just a fun picture I ran across. It says it is from summer 1991. Melissa is almost 1 and I'm 2 1/2 in this picture. 

Christmas 1997. Starting to open presents. We would visit with Grammie and Grampa (they came down the hill to us)
 after we did our family thing.
We got up Christmas morning, read from the Bible, put the baby Jesus in the manger and brought a shepherd and a couple sheep to the scene.

Christmas Eve Nativity

Christmas morning nativity

Sweet, oblivious, milk-gotee face
Next, we decorated the Christmas tree to add some sparkle and fun to our little celebration and put on a CD that got some dance moves from the littlest man.

Noah did a lot of decorating for us.

Adding the star
Of course, I had to attempt a few pictures after the tree was finished. Out of maybe 50, there were only a few where both boys were looking, smiling, sitting nicely, etc. It was hilarious:

After we did "our thing," we went up the hill to my parents to visit, have our breakfast feast, and give and open gifts.

Noah is so excited to build things with Daddy. Thanks Grammie and Grampa.

Isaac's new chariot from Grammie and Grampa so that he can get around the yard with us.

This face kills me. This outfit is from Auntie Lissa.

Noah loves these glasses. (Sweater is from Auntie Lissa too.)

Isaac and Auntie Lissa resting.
Noah and I. I'm wearing the scarf my sister arm knit for me. (Picture from my mom's camera)
And then off to the Brown side of the family to have a fantastic time. There were a couple puzzles being built, a few movies, and special gift giving.

This was Noah and Isaac’s very special gift from their cousins. It is a kids book called "On Brown Croft Acre"! Their Aunt wrote it in verse and searched this blog for pictures to include. Here are a few pictures of it:

Yes. We would be happy to share with you, Aunt Shara.

love, love, love this!
It is amazing. The boys love seeing all the things they recognize from the homestead. And if you can’t guess, it was super sweet and special for me too!

Joel and I got an adorable little honey pot with dipper from his brother and sister in law for “when we get bees” because they know we will! Yay!

We didn't want to leave the party. It was a nice relaxed time and Joel and I were enjoying helping with a jigsaw puzzle. The kids had fun running around the house (literally) and playing with all sorts of cool toys. We left the Brown party around 7 and expected to be going home, but I called to see if Alan happened to have come by yet, and sure enough he had. So we all enjoyed an evening with A Christmas Carol and more gift giving at my parents.

The boys, Melissa and I went up for a little more visiting today and even had fun on the way.

Isaac in his new sled ready to go up to visit with Uncle Alan before he goes back home.

Noah and Aunt Melissa are ready too! My sister is adorable.

It has been a sweet few days celebrating with family. I'm now working on some latte art skills with this:  And there is still more to come with Epiphany around the corner. The wise men are on their way!

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