Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcome to Brown Croft Acre

Well, you aren't really here, but I'm introducing our "farm" name! Welcome!

They are cute, and they are welcoming you.! - photo by my awesome husband
It took us a long time to come up with a name because nothing quite fit. I really like names that have to do with location, or type of farming, or other special interests... but we really don't have a set in stone plan for our homesteading endeavors, so things will change.

Brown Cow Family Farm was high on the list of likes, but we didn't really want to have a name that has a bias for the cow part of our homesteading.

Norway doesn't mind if we are biased toward him.

We also didn't want to copy anyone...

Here is an example of only a few in our search:
Heritage Acre - taken
Heritage Family Acre - taken
Heritage Homestead - you guessed it
Brown Cow Farm - now we like that it has our name in it, but taken
Brown Cow Homestead - taken
Brown Cow Family Farm/Homestead - not taken, but decided it wasn't quite right for us
Brown Family Homestead - taken, and by this time we didn't want "homestead" in the name either.

I wanted to stay away from "homestead" being in the name. These 3.6 acres that my parents and we live on are the family homestead and have been called that for years. I didn't want people to mistake our naming our small homesteading endeavors as naming the whole 3.6 acre homestead. The homstead has a history of Cliffords, Haires, and Browns now.

Cutting down trees! 

And then we aren't really a Farm, so we didn't really want that in the name either....

Basically, we wanted something versatile.

And then a little search into words and their meaning lead us to the word:


A Croft is a small farm or homestead. Usually the small farm of a tenant farmer.

"1. A small enclosed field or pasture near a house. 2. A small farm, especially a tenant farm." (source)
"A croft is a fenced or enclosed area of land, usually small and arable with a crofter's dwelling thereon. ..." (source)

Hey! That fits!

We have our own little homestead over here within the larger family homestead, and we named it Brown Croft Acre!

Happy chickens in their new run! Soon to be even bigger so that they turn some compost for us too!
Who knows what you'll find here in the future.

Maybe some milk, cheese, eggs, and a small accessory farm stand to sell what grows well here. Nothing fancy. And maybe you won't find much at all... But hey, we've got a name for ourselves and that's just fun!

The buckeye are quickly becoming my favorite. That's a buckeye rooster and a hen standing up back in the center.

On the blog side of things, I was happy to have a name so that I could do a little redesign. The blog's title "It is good to be home" is a common phrase and blog title out there, but I chose it when I transitioned to full time stay at home mom! It really was good to be home with my boys.

And now, I still love that I get to be a stay at home wife and mom. So the name still fits. But to add to it, it is good to be home, right here, where we are, doing the things we are doing. We are on the larger family homestead, but more specifically, we are on our little plot of land, within that, where our little family can do some homesteading of our own.

It is good to be home on the Brown Croft Acre homestead.

Marigolds in our grown up garden.


  1. I like it. Very fitting. :) I need to see those boys soon. You should come visit!

    1. Thanks. We would love to come visit! I'm working on it. ;-)




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