Monday, October 21, 2013

Progress and a cow on the loose.

First, that picture up there was my view this morning and was my pleasure to witness. Two brothers, friends, having fun singing and playing together. Isaac adores Noah and loves to get attention from him. And I think Noah likes being the big brother too.

About the blog title: our sweet buttercup got out of the electric netting on Friday morning. That was probably because it was off...

We woke up as normal, Norway was bellowing, the roosters were making a ruckus, and then I hear Joel from the living room "Buttercup's out!" What? Seriously?

I threw on presentable clothes and rushed out the door to meet my husband who was already standing next to buttercup with some tasty weeds. Since she was so calm, one of us suggested that Joel go get some hay to entice her into the fence again. That silly cow followed and hopped behind him like an excited puppy dog. It was quite the sight. Seriously. A waist high mini-cow (still probably 500-600 lbs) following Joel right into the fence. 

Joel is convinced that she wouldn't have tried it if the fence was on, so I'm not too worried. She really does hate the electric fence. But this led to tightening up the perimeter fence, just in case. We temporarily closed off the woods with cattle panel from tractor supply store and added some gates. Joel and my dad did more clearing in the woods and prepared some areas for post hole digging. Joel and I got a little yard work done and some inside work done too. It was productive, and I'm excited that we are closer to having everything set up for the winter.

Speaking of getting ready for winter:

My husband came home one night after work and told me to come outside. He had some loot! I saw a hanging feeder, mineral feeders and a portable electric heater!! He loves me!! Now I can comfortably milk at 5am on those cold winter mornings - well, as comfortably as can be expected.

Yay! $89 marked down to $7. Can't beat that.

In trying to get buttercup ready for milking, I've also had to adjust her halter. I bought a yearling control halter for her because calf halters are too small, but this yearling one is too big! So I burned some wholes in the straps to adjust them. Hopefully it will fit nicely now. In case you were wondering how to do it, here you go:

baking sheet so you don't burn your table, pliers to hold the hot nail, nail, and candle to heat the nail with.

When the nail is hot enough, it slides through like butter.
And then with all this homesteading stuff, our table was a bit too small. I had been hoping for a bigger table for a while, and we found a nice walnut table on craigslist. It starts at 60 inches (our other table's max) and has two 15" leaves. It also came with 6 chairs - one of which is a captains chair. It's beautiful and it's already being put to good use.

With one leaf in.

yup. being put to good use. (without any leaves in)
So we've made some progress around here. A few more imminent projects on the radar, but not too bad. I'm already thinking about next year's garden.

I'll leave you with a few of my favorite recent pinterest inspirations:

We are thinking about using some ag panels to build a greenhouse like this: . I really don't have the space in the house to start our plants.

This has to be the coolest garden idea. Instead of weeding, rotitilling, or mulching in between garden beds, you can mow!

And then growing our strawberries in gutters or plant boxes that are attached to our fence and off the ground!  what a great use of space and makes it so that I don't have to make a new garden bed for the strawberries! I'm also thinking that draping some netting over them to protect them from birds would be a lot easier this way.

Well, that's all folks. So long for now and enjoy the day!

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