Monday, September 30, 2013

A Cow Update

It's late. Thankfully, I have chocolate milk beside me. Today was a much needed food preserving day and I'm currently waiting for some tomato sauce to be done. Thankfully, the chocolate syrup was made several days ago and ready for this exhausting day. Packaging birds, making jam, and this tomato sauce is all new to me. I've done applesauce, diced tomatoes, and freezing in the past, but not the things I chose to tackle today.

So lets have a cow update while I wait. I love this stuff and am trying to source all the best products and resources so that we can be raising our cows as organically and healthy as possible, so I'll share what I've found along the way.

The cows are doing great. We decided to go two ways with the fence I talked about: electric and barrier. We are using the stone wall as part of the barrier fence, some old livestock fence in the woods as another side, and some rough cut 1x6x12 lumber and 8" posts from the woods. My dad wants some of the woods cleared out, and we needed a fence, so my Dad, Uncle, and Joel cut some posts and some wood for firewood one weekend. The next weekend, Joel and my dad put the fence up. We'll have to finish the electric part when Joel stops going away so often. But at least the cows are easier to move along that fence now and they won't go running towards the road.

With the fence configuration, our cows are now responsible for mowing the back portion of my parents lawn. They are happy to oblige. In the winter, we'll switch to hog panels and two electric strands (we think) that are linked to the main perimeter fence. It should protect the calf and train him on electric fence at the same time.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Recipe for a relaxing beach day

So, it's been about 6 weeks of Joel being away on the weekdays for work. It's been rough, honestly. This mom needed some family time and some relax time. And I think the kids needed some special time too, even though they hadn't asked for it. I really wanted to get away from the typical daily grind. I used to get everything cleaned up before Saturday so that we could enjoy a peaceful weekend, but lately, I can't manage to do that without Joel home on the weeknights and things are just as crazy on the weekend - or crazier!

So a couple Saturday's ago, we packed up and headed for our favorite ocean beach spot - New Castle Beach. They have grass, picnic tables, charcoal grills, play ground, covered pavilions, bathrooms and a beautiful beach area. I highly recommend it. I think it cost us $6 to get in. So not bad at all.

It was awesome. We just weren't in a rush. I loved it. Food together as a family, beach time, reading time, Isaac loved the tent, Noah loved digging in the sand... No chores, no dishes, laundry, dust, or other projects to stare me down. Just a gorgeous day with my amazing family.

The grass spot

The Beach Spot



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