Monday, August 19, 2013

Wake up calls

This morning, I got three wake up calls. One alarm clock for Joel, who left early for a week of work. A second from a sad sounding juvenile rooster at 6am, and the next from our cows at 7am. So I got up, poured some coffee, and opened the front door so I could hear the commotion even louder. - once I was up, it quieted down...

Looks like a teen rooster, right? Or maybe me in the morning.
But really, the one I heard was real and outside.

And then sweet Noah decided to give Isaac a wake up call at 7:40am and loudly informed Isaac that it was time to wake up so that they could play. They routinely play in their room before they come out for the day.

snuggling in some clean sheets with his bear. Wartime Farm is on, of course.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pictures from around the homestead - Mid August

I wanted to share some pictures of Buttercup and Norway and a little bit of what's been going on around here. I introduced you to our cows and how it all came about in the previous post. I'll be happy when the perimeter fence is up and that project is done! Of course, people say there is always fence to be repaired, but we are hoping to pick the right materials the first time to avoid some headaches. It's really just our second line of defense anyway. The cows will still be within their electric netting paddocks and moved around within the perimeter fence.

 Enough of that. Here's the fun stuff:

Sweet buttercup came for a head scratch.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our 5th Wedding Anniversary and our unusual present to each other

I have a lot to tell you. And I have a lot on my mind. Joel and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last Friday. Our sweet friends basically begged us to let them watch our kids so that we could go out. It was lovely and we had a really nice dinner at Jake's in Ossipee where we sat and talked much longer than usual. My man rocks and I love spending time with him. I loved looking over a few photos and shared them on facebook.

I need a lot of time with Joel, and that hasn't been happening a whole lot lately because of work. It's just one of those personality traits or something. It just so happens that the things we love to do together tend more towards farming. Not the shoveling poop and cleaning a stall type - but the planned rotational grazing, chicken tractor, a lot less work style since this isn't a full time thing. So we have enjoyed a few new ventures recently and since I like the work in and of itself, I'll also be okay doing it by myself when he is gone. But it will be really nice to do it all with him when he is here. We like productive fun.

Here is a little history:



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