Monday, July 29, 2013

My sweet boys

Today is Noah's third birthday and Wednesday is Isaac's first.

I'm not especially gifted in saying things the right way. So I often avoid things that I know need to be said well. Which as a result, means I don't say a whole lot about quite a few things that I think often about. Which, by the way, I don't think is a bad thing because I know some people are gifted in written words and I don't feel the need or the calling to be a great theologian or philosopher or emotional poet on here.

But sometimes, I just want to say something no matter how imperfect or bland, or fun or perfect it is:

My boys. Let's recap a little. They have stretched me. They are "runners", energetic, independent, and dependent. They love each other, they were born in the same sweet (or sweat) month, they have given me one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs there is.

They are each so different from the other, but still so obviously brothers and the sons of Joel and I.

Noah boy.
Noah was my polite baby. We dared not believe that his first words were "thank you" - but they were. He could never sit still and was always moving about the house. I had to blockade him with furniture to get anything done. He was born on a Thursday night in Massachusetts, 4 days late and 10lbs 11oz by c-section.

In his first year, he struggled with weight gain, but you would never know that now. His favorite foods were applesauce in homemade whole fat yogurt and avacado mixed in everything. He would eat a nearly full Corel bowl of yogurt and applesauce while the adults were satisfied with half that. Our little food lover!

At one, Noah stood on our home scale while we cheered and took a picture of our sweet little 20lb one year old who finally met the goal of his doctor.

The night before his first birthday, I stayed up late and put together a first year scrap book and Joel made him a sweet little truck with his woodworking equipment.

Noah moved away from his first friends and church family in his second year of life. We'll be telling him how he benefited from how much his parents were stretched by the wonderful family they were with in Massachusetts and how they loved him and his mom and dad! What a blessed start to his life!

For his second birthday, he got a baby brother! I don't think Noah could have been any sweeter. He was so gracious to us about the time Isaac needed and helped mom from her difficult recovery. He got me burp rags, and diapers and wipes, and was happy to watch some television.

It was only recently this last year that I started really noticing how much he has changed. It all happens so gradually. There were a couple late nights recently, and Noah fell asleep leaning on my arm. How long has it been? It was so moving and sweet to feel my independent big boy cuddle up.

Noah's words are sweet. He wants to learn new words and say them like we do. When there is silence in the car, we'll here, "Mommy, talk to me." from the back seat. So we talk, about the trees, about where we are going, about Jesus.

This year, we went to build a bear as a birthday treat. He was mostly interested in playing with the gears at the front of the store. We eventually got him to choose a bear and a few things to go along with it.

This toy was noticeable different for him. There have been no attachments to blankets, or stuffed animals, but this bear and it's motorcycle are things he made, picked out, and took care of. He had to take care of the bear and "wash" it at the store, and after picking out a motorcycle, he took it over to the washing area and scrubbed that down too until it was "all clean". What a sweet time to see our growing boy in action.

Three years old. What a beautiful three years. It has been full of adventures.

My sweet late boy. 2weeks and 1 day late, born VBAC into a room full of NICU nurses and doctors, a midwife, nurses and his daddy. There were concerns about him inhaling meconium, but he was perfectly healthy and the midwife sent the NICU staff on there way. Praise God! He was 8lb 15oz!

He was so tiny compared to what I was used to in an infant. We immediately thought he looked like a little hobbit baby with all that dark hair and small features. He was so natural to snuggle and so we did for several months of naps after his birth.

He was a small boy through and through with some struggles with weight gain like his big brother had but there are no concerns now and he is a great eater. Isaac loves anything finger food. He started as soon as we let him and prefers to feed himself! Sometimes, he lets me shovel some yogurt in there too.

Isaac is learning from Noah and Basil, our cat. He rubs his head against Basil to greet her, and flops around at our feet like a cat. He is playing with the same toys as Noah and watching intently. He started walking one week while Joel was away, but eagerly walked to daddy when he got home. Now he walks around mostly inside, but crawls to get places faster. He says "more" in sign language the best he can and sometimes chooses to say audible mama or dada. 

Isaac is a joy. He is a very capable mover. And is already sleeping in his own toddler bed in the boys' room. With a little teaching, he now stays on his bed at night and then safely gets off in the morning to play (I've watched). When he was sleeping in a pack n play, we were finding our two boys playing in the middle of the floor by the morning, so the move to the toddler bed was natural and easy.

Isaac enjoys reading, looking through board books, sitting in his car outside and watching us work, and doing anything Noah does. He loves the comforts from brother Noah, and is so sad when Noah is sad.

My sweet boys.
Noah is my comforter and helper, bringing ice packs for headaches, kisses, and sweet words of encouragement, and Isaac brings joy in his eager dependence and love, with his desire for cuddles and tickles to laugh at.

We had a Cake and Ice Cream time for Noah and Isaac last night so that a few friends and family could come and love on the boys with us. Here are a few pictures:

I am so thankful for my boys! I love them so dearly!

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