Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Kombucha and sweet treats while blogging with a broken laptop screen

Check out my sweet blogging setup.

Not really that sweet. I smashed the screen on our laptop, so the only way we can use it is to plug it into the TV. It means I'm using the computer a whole lot less... that isn't necessarily a good thing since our budget is on the computer. :-P

But I asked Joel if I could check in and chit chat on here for a few minutes tonight. He's so nice, he said yes. So I'm sitting in front of our TV on the ottoman catching up a bit.

I'm so glad Joel enjoys doing the crazy stuff with me. I'm talking Kombucha right now. We totally let our brew just sit in our cupboard this whole time! I posted about starting it back in April. As a result, we grew a thick SCOBY mother and two babies! I don't know a ton about this yet, but I've read a bit today as we tried to use the mother and brew something we could drink. The first brew was just to get the SCOBY going, and this time, we moved up to a gallon jar and put the two babies in a kombucha hotel. So here are some photos:

started with a drink from the store, and ended up with a scoby

Tonight brewing. In the cupboard. We'll check back in 8-15 days.
Joel holding up the SCOBY hotel.

Just in case anyone out there likes Kombucha like we do and wants to make some, I mainly followed the instructions from Apartment Therapy: How to make your own Kombucha. I found info on the Kombucha hotel at Kombucha Kamp and more useful info at Kombucha Mama.

I've also been enjoying some awesome homemade fudge candy bar things that another blogger calls primal fudge. Coconut oil, peanut butter, cocoa powder, raw honey and vanilla blended, poured into cube trays and stored in the freezer. They are awesome. My sister Melissa says so too. I ate a couple while I was blogging to you... drool.

sweet chocolate candy next to homemade broth in the freezer. <3
(p.s. love those pyrex storage containers that can go from freezer to oven! I've done baby food in them, and use them for leftovers and everything! This set looks like it would be awesome: Pyrex Storage 14-piece round set. And I really like the green sprouts one oz silicone cube trays too.)

You are definitely due for a chicken update and pictures of the boys. I'll do the chickens in another post and might add video. Cute kids coming up!

Noah and Isaac singing together. Love that they were even holding hands.

chilling. Learning at thing or two from is cousin Eli.

Came out with this dress on his head and told me he was an elephant. So sweet.

snapped while Noah was sleeping in the car as Daddy ran into the store.

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