Friday, May 10, 2013

May. This is happening. 9 months old, hair cut, and chicks.

I always want to tell you the little details of what is going on in my house at the instant I'm starting to write my blogs. I end up reading old posts and enjoying the tid bits, so I'll probably keep writing them. So without further ado:

My sweet Noah is taking a nap! Isaac is playing in the living room, and this mama has coffee beside her and a laptop in front of her. I'm sitting in my FAVORITE chair.

That is a monster. If you couldn't tell.

Coffee again? Yes. I never manage to make it for myself in the morning. But come lunch time, while I'm whipping something up for Noah and Isaac, I start the wonderful coffee. I find it works well with our rhythm and it stays hot until Joel gets home. He likes a surprise hot cup of french press coffee.

What else...

I'm listening to the 32 birds in our living room! They finally came, but they came a day earlier than we expected. So I got the call, scrambles to lay down paper towel and went to the post office. Then we put a latch on the clean out drawer of the coop (so that Noah couldn't open it as easily), and made a chicken waterer. It was a day. A good day.

This is how they come in the mail. So cool.

And today! We had Isaac's 9 month appointment. He did awesome! If you didn't know, both my boys have dropped in percentiles so fast that the doctors and nurses were very concerned in their first months. Noah was from the top, all the way OFF the chart at the bottom. It was a real challenge to get him to grow and put on weight and that involved a lot of avacado etc. Isaac was a lot more gradual and he is staying around the 6th now! Praise God! Seriously. I'm constantly fighting and putting away anxiety over things like this, and the Lord has been giving me peace as I come to him. A regular verse in our house is Philippians 4:6-7. I think you've probably heard me share that before.

Oh yeah! Isaac got a hair cut. We cut it so that we could get rid of the constant struggle with dreads on the back of his head and to get it out of his eyes. A side effect was a sudden change in hair color. All the brown was on the ends and he had started to have blond roots. I think he's adorable.

In another post, or two... I'm going to start sharing our brooder, our watering system how-to, and about our chicks with pictures and video. But I'll save that stuff for other posts. I know you all won't be interested, so I'll separate out the details. :-) I guess you could still look at the cute pictures of the chicks though.

My husband's hard working hands and a little chick. This makes me gush over my awesome husband more than the cute chick.

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