Monday, April 22, 2013

Life out here is simple

This day has been full of trying to pay attention to simple pleasures and breathing deeply. I've been trying to do this more often recently. I got a reusable bag from the Tractor Supply Store that says "Life out here is simple". Not sure it exactly applies to the way we live, but our family loves trying to live simply. I love the slow pace. The work involved. Things take a few or more days to finish. We tend to always be in the middle of something. But we are getting use to taking it slow and enjoying the simple things. We enjoy the work we choose to take on and the things we learn. So, there are a few sweet things that I've smiled at today. I'd love to share with you.

The other day, I got to see this:

This is a baby doll carriage my Grammie left to me, and on this day the light shone through it to my wall, perfectly.

French press coffee:

I love the steps involved. It is slow and lovely. And it tastes fantastic. This, today, while fixing lunch and anticipating cleaning the tub with baking soda and vinegar. Figuring my shower would necessarily turn into a bath since the shower curtain would be in the washer. Nap time, coffee, cleaning the tub, bath. That is sweet.

Two boys in the same room:

Red eyed first night, but hopefully it will get better. They are growing up!

A weekly event I enjoy when I start getting low on detergent and need to do more laundry:

While doing things around the house, I have a fresh quart of soap nut tea (we use these as laundry detergent) boiling and steeping on the stove. Simple, frugal, enjoyable.

Keeping egg shells to plant with tomato plants:

Beautiful milk with cream on top:

We love fresh milk and that we can make butter and butter milk!

Joel will be home soon. We'll probably spend some time outside.

My Dad and Joel moved my Grandfather's old chicken coop across the wet field with planks and rollers. Now we are "buttoning it up", painting it, sterilizing the inside, and getting ready for 30 chicks next week. Next we'll work on the chicken tractor for when they are old enough to be in it. Over the summer, we plan to put a run on the front of the coop and add a window flower box because I want to. :-) We hope to start a paddock system with the laying hens at the end of the summer too.

Soon, we'll start hatching 3 eggs and raising them inside and separate from the others since they will added to our layers.

These things fit into our life intentionally. Noticing the details and taking time for some of these things is part of our enjoying God. I could go on for days about the things we learn while taking care of chickens, planning a garden etc. that cause awe. The work is time together. The outcome is nice. Thanking God and trying to intentionally involve him in all the processes is awesome.

I was talking out loud (to myself) about God and this just happened: Noah shocked me and started a conversation with me.
Noah: "God died on cross"
Me: "Yes, Jesus died on the cross. But Noah, Jesus rose from the dead! He is alive!"
Noah: "Yes! (with a big smile) God alive! Jesus done dying on cross!"

Thank you God!

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