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Let's get caught up. Nov-Feb

Hey! It's been a while. I've been having a blast here with the two kiddos. Four months? Yeah... it has been that long. Remember how I said when something big happens, I don't post for a while because it is hard to gather all my thoughts and I like to post sequentially? Well, I didn't say it just like that, but that is probably why it happened again. And I forgot about it.

But I've been reminded of it as I've been reading a few awesome blogs and as I've started keeping up our church website/blog:, and then my husband reminds me that he actually likes it when I blog. But he likes it more when I take care of the kids, the house, and cook food, so the blog was an acceptable sacrifice.

First membership Sunday! Walking up to sign the covenant.
Oh wait. You are asking about CrossRoads Church? Yup, that would be the major life change. It wasn't an easy change for numerous reasons. It took a couple months of prayer and talking with wise people. We knew of CrossRoads, knew of some struggles, and when we visited them a few times we were even more drawn to them. We went to be part of their family and to be an encouragement. We are using our gifts: Joel is leading music and I am assisting with administrative stuff like the website, calendar etc.  The Holy Spirit is working in our church and it is a beautiful thing. You know how they say something like 20% of a church are the core and the other 80% aren't really active... I'd say this church is missing the other 80%. Our whole church is involved and eager to use their gifts. I think we have 13 signed members, and then there are 10 or so young children in those families. There are two new families that have jumped right in and have become part of the family and we just had a special service for the installation of the first Elder. Oh, God is so good! There are even a couple families from other parts of the state who have committed 6 months to help build the church up!

Our new sign! it isn't .com. that needs to be fixed.
Elders and their wives praying with new Elder, Bill

I also realized I never got to share some of my favorite pictures of Noah and Isaac from December:



Opening books on Christmas Eve

Christmas eve with Granny and Papa

Christmas morning

Christmas morning at Grammie and Grampa's

Noah decided he wanted underwear in December. So he wore underwear the whole way down to Florida (in the car!) and back with only one accident after he threw up in the car and understandably then felt unwell enough to pee. We were thrilled! We went to Florida for a wedding, which I have no pictures of, but these are pictures of a few family moments:



Noah has since regressed a little and started forgetting the novelty of having underwear on and therefor, was forgetting to go to the bathroom when he was playing with others. We are letting him choose between diapers and underwear and he makes the decision half and half. When he chooses underwear at home, he doesn't pee or poop in them.

January Pictures are next. I happened to turn 24 in January. No big deal. Really. I don't like to make a big deal out of birthdays. But birthdays are a special time for my little family to get together and love on each other.
Oh yes! best coffee ever. From my sister.

a big enough crock pot for awesome recipes! from mom and dad

fist hair cut!

umpa lumpa!

Isaac has been scooting around for over a month now! He started going up on his hands and knees a couple weeks ago, but hasn't started crawling quite yet. He is such a happy baby! He loves sweet potatoes, avacados, bananas, oatmeal, yogurt, applesauce... and the crumbs off the floor. He takes a morning nap, and Noah and Isaac take an afternoon nap after lunch. My sister in law also turned up a picture that shows the similarities in Joel and Isaac!

They make similar faces and have the same nose and mouth shape.

And then here are just a few more:

there has been a lot of snow!
That's it now. I could tell you more. I even made mozzarella cheese for the first time this month! But I won't go into that. I'll just get back to my sleeping family. And drink some tea for this headache. Sweet nap time!

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