Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm "nesting"

That is so corny. Joel rolled his eyes when I told him that.

I'm not pregnant, but I had fun writing that title and knowing you'd all wonder. I did something like that when we got Basil too.

We'll be getting some newly hatched chicks soon! Now you see why that was an EXTRA corny blog title. Their home/brooder is already set up - on the divider between the living room and kitchen. When are they coming?... oh, you know... in the next couple of months.

(That is actually a reptile light on top, but it can get the temp to 95 degrees
and has a dimmer so that we can bring it down 5 degrees every week.
It can sit on the cage instead of being adjusted on a pole.)

I was asked by a friend who owns a preschool if I'd like to adopt 3 chicks after they hatched in the next few weeks. I was so excited when Joel said yes and started planning and learning. I didn't clarify details of when, and thought she meant they were hatching in the next few weeks. Haha, I love it. Oh well, I have a better organized kitchen now. (Seriously. I moved a few things around to get things ready for the chicks and garden plants and then decided to move my china into the top of the hutch instead of in the bottom of the blue cabinet... It makes me giddy.)

This makes me excited. Is that strange?
New home for the high chair since I moved
the blue cabinet in front of the window for seedlings.

I finished their brooder area faster than I've finished our kid's rooms or areas when I was pregnant with them. But I knew what my baby would need and not need, and chicks are foreign to me. I could bring my baby home and cuddle him if he's cold, use a blanket I already have, feed him for free, use cloth diapers, and put him to bed in a pack n play or co-sleep if I really hadn't set up the crib.

A chick? Oh, just a heat lamp or source of heat like a mama chicken (at 95 degrees to start with too), a safe enclosure that assured they don't get EATEN by my cat, a thermometer in there, water, and special food. But if I forgot one of those things... I'd be holding the chick while it pooped on me (or sitting on it to keep it warm? jk), causing a fire hazard in my house while I try to prop up the heat lamp... I decided to play it safe and get it all ready in just a few days. I had a fish tank, drawer liner, mason jars, and thermometer. I'm going to make their feed since we'll only have 3 (I'll put links at the bottom of the post if you are interested).

I also got my first set of seeds and will be starting some things inside once I figure out my timeline for planting. I didn't start anything on time last year, so I'm determined to get some strong tomato plants going.

Now I'm super excited. I think Noah and Basil are going to love the chicks. I will too! Can you tell?

And you can't leave without pictures of the cute ones in the family:

Feeding Isaac
yes Melissa, I included you! Melissa was up for a week. We had fun walks.

Chick, Chick, Chicken links

Homemade feed:
Avian Aqua Miser (most information and variety of options)
TLC - Organic Chicken Feed is Cheap When You Make it Yourself
Backyard Chicken
Purple Dancing Dahlias

Build your own brooder:
Fresh Eggs Daily: Baby Chick Care (this one is awesome)
Avian Web: Setting up a brooder and brooder temperatures

And we'll be adjusting our chicken tractor and adding better wheels:
Wheel Lift for Chicken Tractor

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  1. Okay, so this "I'm nesting" thing got me so excited... I should have known what you were talking about... but I guess I'm just looking forward to more grandchildren (granddaughters would be good)... well, enjoy your chicks when they get here....




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