Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Random update while I can tomato sauce and listen to Bob the Builder

So, I'm sitting here while my brown "tomato sauce" is in a water bath canning, and I figured I'd write my post. Yeah, before we go any further, it's brown. If you want to tell me it is no longer safe, just leave a comment. I'm thinking I more likely made tomato paste and browned it. I did some trusty old google searches and found that browning tomato past before you use it (store bought) is pretty common, and I think my method (crock pot) allowed it to turn brown instead of keeping that fresh red color. It is probably too thick too. Yadda yadda.

While I'm typing, Noah is watching his favorite show - Bob the Builder. He even has a "Fix It Shop" thanks to Granny and Papa. He discovered the radio by climbing on the fix it table and pressing buttons. That was actually kind of a nice surprise since I had forgotten about the built in speakers. I found a classical station and sounded all fancy when I answered the phone that day.

blurry, but I wanted to show it. It is well used!
And here is the big boy!

Isaac is cuddling with a sweet blanket/stuffy from Ms. Nancy. I can't believe he is already so social. I usually get lots of smiles and conversation out of him right before nap time. He really is turning into a cuddle bug. I've been having to cuddle up to him on the bed to get him to fall asleep. And he loves to be held. I think the cuddly stuffy from Ms. Nancy will be helpful. When I put it up to his cheek this morning, he smiled and started falling asleep.

he loves it!

yup, at nap time.

he has even bigger smiles, but I missed them.
Well, Bob the builder is over, and I need to take the tomato paste/sauce out of the water. I'll leave other updates for another time. Now onto laundry - or something like that.

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