Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our favorite soaps - Apple Valley Natural Soap

I wanted to do this post today because Apple Valley Natural Soap is having a giveaway. They want to get to 2000 likes on facebook and are going to giveaway 3 of their new shampoo bars: Italian Garden, White China Silk, Jajoba Silk Conditioning. Here is the blog post with the giveaway: http://www.applevalleynaturalsoapblog.com/?p=854

They didn't ask me to do a review, and I don't get extra entries into the giveaway by doing this, but I really like their product and I've had people ask me about what we use. Some people know we make a lot of things from scratch and were wondering if we make our soap from scratch too. We won't make soap because we LOVE these bars and honesty don't want to go through the work of learning to make soap like this. These bars are beautiful and work great.

Apple Valley Natural Soap is a Christian family who started making their own soap to help some of their kids that had skin issues. From there it developed into a family business. You can read more about them on their About page, but here is a quote: 
"We do not give credit to "nature" and praise to "mother earth" ...beautiful and treasured things that the Creator created...rather than giving honor and thanks to the Creator Himself. Our desire is to honor the Ultimate Source...the Creator God who lovingly designed all these wonderful, natural oils and botanicals specifically for the use of mankind. His love and mercy toward the human race is truly an amazing thing. HE "naturally" deserves the credit, the thanks, and the glory!"

If you are interested in why we switched to shampoo bars, read on. :-)

The way the soap comes out of the padded envelope. Looks so nice! And a free sample.

Why Shampoo Bars?

We came to these bars in a roundabout way. I wasn't happy with the store bought shampoos because they were harsh on my hair and scalp. I was trying to get away from sulfates, but the only way I could seem to do that was to buy organic - which was too expensive in stores. Using sulfate shampoo every day was stripping my scalp of oil and as a result, my scalp was over producing and very oily and my hair was fine and flat after a wash. I read about going no-poo and did it for a month. It got my scalp to normalize and stop over producing oil, but no-poo wasn't working long term. I switched to watered down Bronner's which was somewhat tricky and unreliable too. That was when I read good things about natural shampoo bars and bought some from a coop in MA. I loved them!

I found Apple Valley Natural Soap when Keeper of the Home did a review and giveaway of the bars. When we moved to NH I tried ordering from them for the first time. I found that these are even better than the bars I was purchasing at the coop. I've enjoyed all the different bars I've tried so far. They have suggestions for what to buy on this information page.

How well does it work and how long does it last?

A bar of their soap lasts close to two months for me because my hair isn't extra oily anymore and I don't have to wash  my hair every day. I just put my hair up to take showers if I don't need a shampoo (makes it quicker as a mom too). My hair tends to look better the second day after a shampoo because it has more texture and volume. With these soap bars, my hair lifts off the top of my head instead of hanging flat even though I have a lot of heavy fine hair. If I wait too long or use other soaps that strip my hair, I end up with the fine looking hair that hangs flat against my head.  If you see me with yucky hair, don't blame the shampoo, blame this mom for not finding time to shampoo her hair for the third day, not looking in a mirror when she runs a brush through it, or not running a brush through it until it has dried completely in the little clumped together strands - the worst (anyone know what I'm talking about on that last one? I never know if I'm alone with that.). This is what my hair looks like on day two after shampooing and is also evidence of not looking in a mirror to fix my part. They weren't intended to show my hair but it is a double whammy; I get to show some pictures of me and my sweet boys.

I was tickling Noah

 So there you have it.

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