Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Favorite things - blueberries, crockpot meals and dishwashers

I figure as long as I feel like posting, I might as well. I've had a long lists of things to do for the past two days, and today seems to be a little more relaxed. I was excited to take our yogurt out of the oven yesterday morning, and to see new canned items going on the shelves. I'm realizing that I'm going to hit mid winter and morn over the lack of canned tomatoes, and frozen blueberries. I made a smoothy with blueberries, bananas and yogurt and realized that there just weren't enough blueberries - and those are expensive when you buy them from a store. Oh well, I'm thankful for what we managed to freeze.

Our house has been a lot more peaceful and productive in the past couple weeks. Part of that is because I felt a marked increase in energy and motivation. I had a rough recovery from Isaac's birth and I lost a lot of strength and stamina (mostly from low iron due to blood loss). Well, maybe a week after I notice I had more energy, our refrigerator defrosted for the second time and wouldn't cool off for several days - not a big deal, just meant a change in routine. My parents insisted that the landlords should purchase the refrigerator (even though we thought we were going to buy it - thanks Mom and Dad), and my husband decided we could purchase a dishwasher too! I was having a hard time standing to do the dishes after Isaac was born and I wasn't even generating as many dishes as I would in the near future. Well, standing is pretty easy now (yay!) but now my maid helps me get the dishes done. Dishwashers are such a nice tool! And probably my favorite tool because it can motivate me to do more in all areas of the kitchen, not just one.



Now, I don't hesitate too much when I want to make more food stuff! The only thing keeping me from experimenting with more bread recipes is that that I had to order more red wheat berries.

I've also been loving the crock pot and dutch oven. I don't know why I didn't think I could layer an entire meal before (other than soups and stews), but I was missing out. I've made crock pot chicken and sweet potatoes with peaches on top a couple times now with chicken breasts and a whole chicken and we love it. One time we made it in a cast iron dutch oven on the grill and the next time I put it in our crock pot. If we don't have to have dinner on the table at a certain time, I like the "cook it till it's done" method since I switch things up quite often. We even used frozen peaches from my Dad's trees for the chicken and sweet potato recipe.

Well, there was a lot more that went on in the past couple weeks with organizing my parents basement (we keep a few things in there), cleaning out the brown shed down back so that our things fit better (looks great!) and considering a miniature cow (I joke... but not really). Isaac is letting me know it is almost Noah's nap time and Noah is not liking my correction that books do not qualify as paper he can color on. Ug. Well, I'm going to go help my cute kids.

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