Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet our chickens

"What a Chicken Farmer probably won't tell you..."

What a chicken farmer probably won't tell you is that you might find one of these beauties in your nest! Isn't it gorgeous! Boy I was shocked to find it - it was found in the afternoon, and it looks totally different than the other eggs from our chickens, right!?!

Well, the farmer won't tell you about these because you probably don't have a scheming father who thinks your chicken venture is a little funny and who has a coworker with a good sense of humor and.... A TURKEY! So folks, don't be surprised if no one tells you about these eggs in your chicken's nest, because they should never be there.

Meet our chickens:

Yarona - means "to shout" or "to sing" in hebrew
 Yarona was the first to be named because she was the most "forward" about her feelings. She would yell and run out in front of the other two when we came. I don't think she liked us much in the beginning actually, but she is as friendly as the others now. When Yarona is having a quiet streak, we can still tell her apart because she has a smaller and different shaped comb than the other two.

Ruby Red
 Ruby Red, or Red, was named simply because she was the reddest and her red color contrasts with whiter tail feathers.

And Phoebe was pretty much a random name that Joel said and we liked it.

Phoebe has been nothing but sweetness, lays consistently, and has probably been ignored as a result - I just don't have to figure anything out with her. I was paying a lot of attention to Yarona in the beginning because I was trying to tell if she was going to be an aggressive bird, but she has settled down and now just has an "energetic" personality.

Red threw us into learning about chickens right away. She had a few issues including some eggs without shells, wouldn't move or eat one day, and although happy now, hasn't given us an eggs for a while. Her feathers are pretty sad looking so I thought she was moulting, but with the lack of progress, I think it is a calcium deficiency that isn't allowing her to grow back feathers that she plucked or lost from stress. If she doesn't have enough calcium to grow back feathers, she certainly doesn't have enough to make the shell of an egg. I need to get some oyster shells or decide to crush some egg shells up and I'll probably start adding apple cider vinegar to their water because it helps the absorption of calcium.

They are all pretty happy and surprisingly "tight" with each other. Lol. They never want to be separated from each other, and if one gets out of the tractor when we are moving it, they seem to beg to be put back in with the other two.

I'll post more about or chicken tractor renovations soon! They love the space!

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  1. Love that you named them! I bet it's fun to watch them and see their different "person"alities. :)




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