Monday, June 25, 2012


A couple weekends ago, we went strawberry picking! I found a great website, NH Strawberry Field and Farmstand Guide, with a large list of strawberry picking places in NH. I was able to find one field about an hour away that was still picking in the afternoon: Rossview Farm. We brought our own bowls and ended up with almost 14lbs.

We made a couple father's day presents with them, ate a bunch, froze some, and Joel made honey strawberry ice cream.

Of course, then we had all those strawberry tops and greens that I did not want to waste. I could have given them to the chickens, but I decided to make strawberry vinegar instead! It looks so pretty! I can use the vinegar for a strawberry salad dressing by adding some honey and oil.

And then today I decided to make one of the strawberry rhubarb deserts that I froze the strawberries for. I found this recipe that seemed really basic - and I love basic recipes! I did like it, but I think I'll make more topping and add a thickener to the filling next time because it had a lot of liquid (the filling only consisted of strawberries, rhubarb and honey). It will solidify a little when it cools, but I'd love it to be a little thicker when it comes out of the oven.

This was a great recipe for me to have because we primarily sweeten our food with honey. This called for some brown sugar in the crumble, but you can't get away from that.

Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble with homemade strawberry ice cream!
Anyone want to leave a comment with a link to one of their favorite Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble recipes for me to try? I love to compare recipes to find the perfect one for our family!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet our chickens

"What a Chicken Farmer probably won't tell you..."

What a chicken farmer probably won't tell you is that you might find one of these beauties in your nest! Isn't it gorgeous! Boy I was shocked to find it - it was found in the afternoon, and it looks totally different than the other eggs from our chickens, right!?!

Well, the farmer won't tell you about these because you probably don't have a scheming father who thinks your chicken venture is a little funny and who has a coworker with a good sense of humor and.... A TURKEY! So folks, don't be surprised if no one tells you about these eggs in your chicken's nest, because they should never be there.

Meet our chickens:

Yarona - means "to shout" or "to sing" in hebrew
 Yarona was the first to be named because she was the most "forward" about her feelings. She would yell and run out in front of the other two when we came. I don't think she liked us much in the beginning actually, but she is as friendly as the others now. When Yarona is having a quiet streak, we can still tell her apart because she has a smaller and different shaped comb than the other two.

Naoh's new cape and how I made it

A friend asked if I could explain some things about making a red riding hood cape or if I knew of a good tutorial... I found two examples of capes that I liked and one tutorial, but nothing complete that I could pass on to my friend.

Here is what I had found on the web: These little red riding hood capes are cute at the "seven thirty three" blog and I really like the one with the white string. My friend and I looked at these adorable capes from Made blog, and wanted to make a cape that is reversible. In the post from "seven thirty three", the blogger said she used this tutorial at It is a good basic tutorial, but it requires gathering which I wanted to avoid, and it wasn't reversible. I knew I couldn't explain how to attach the two sides of the cape without pictures, so I ended up making Noah a cape after I found some good fabric in my craft closet. Here is my process and an attempt at a how-to.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A day to enjoy some simple things

It is a day that should be "off" with the overcast, a sick boy, a soiled couch cover, extra dishes, extra laundry, three or four unfinished projects, and plenty of things for me to tidy up around the house, but I am finding myself being thankful and enjoying the little things. This just can't be my doing - because by myself, I tend toward the sinful, overwhelmed spirit when I have lots of things to accomplish that all get out of line - by the grace of God, it must be His doing that I can catch throw up from my son's mouth and tackle it all one thing at a time.

I am breathing the fresh breeze in easily and my eyes have been drawn to the sweet things around the house instead of harping on the mess: Laundry baskets have been emptied and returned to the laundry room, the couch cover has been washed and dried, my new fabric is on the cloths line, and diapers are soaking, I used my pasta machine for the first time today to make Noah some saltine crackers that were pleasantly easy, I've cuddled with Noah and watched him color, I was able to take a peaceful walk in the yard, and I'm able to rest for a bit here in my rocking chair while Noah takes a much needed nap on the couch. All those unfinished projects will get done at some point, but breathing is current and enjoying the little gifts is refreshing to my soul.

Old wooden box made into a planter
My garden hat perched on the railing from yesterday...
new pieces of fabric for a baby wrap and swaddle cloths are drying

happy chickens that have been the source of many productive family times

a happy mess - composted manure under the tarp, cut grass drying to use as mulch and for the chicken coop, and a garden project half done.

a sweet, sick boy who will be a great big brother and who is still comforted by cuddling with mommy.

a pile of dirty dishes after starting Father's day with a clean kitchen - It was a marvelous day

Fresh baked crackers for Noah's belly

getting to eagerly look forward to my amazing man coming home from work - I am abundantly blessed.



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