Monday, April 23, 2012

New things are happening, but first - my new favorite organization tool

One of my new favorite things I've found online is Pinterest. I had heard about it for a while, but didn't bother to join. I finally decided it looked like a useful tool and asked my SIL to invite me. I totally love it and it has helped me be organized on so many occasions! I had heard that I might start pinning so many things that I can't find what I've pinned in the past and that it can be addicting and take up too much time. So, since I was forewarned, I've tried to keep to my own set of rules so that I don't get out of control:

  • Use it primarily to bookmark relevant things to our family life
    • Recipes that I might actually make (with the type of food that we buy)
    • Resources, articles, and info that I would like to be able to find again in the future
    • Crafty things I can do or inspire me to modify
    • Organization or home improvement ideas that are practical for us
    • etc. (you get the idea)
  • Sometimes use it to share articles with others (like cloth diaper info for my cousin)
  • Be choosy on who and what boards to follow so that the updates on what others pin are few and I don't spend too much time browsing
  • Make categories that make sense to ME!

There have been a few mad pinning days. Some of those are thanks to needing to go through my bookmarks on my web browser and delete and/or pin the unorganized mess. I'm a visual person in many ways and I love beautiful and organized things. I think that is why pinterest is working for me so much better than my folders of bookmarks. When I go to my pinterest account, I can get a visual reminder of my most recent pins and can quickly call to memory some new organization, home improvement or craft project that I need to start. I am surprised sometimes by the good "to-do" bookmarks that I had forgotten about from years ago.

There are a lot of new things that we are up to over here, but I figured since pinterest is partly to thank for us actually being organized enough to do those things, I would first tell you about that. 

a funny sign my SIL made ( and
When Joel came home the first couple of times and I pulled out the computer and excitedly told him what I had found on pinterest, he said something almost identical to that above picture with very little enthusiasm. But once things started getting checked off the to-do list and he saw results, he pretty much forgot his previous skepticism about pinterest. He knows that some of our garden planning, home organization, healthy recipes, a few clothing items, etc have been helped along by pinning articles.

So if you are interested, you are welcome to check out my pinterest,, and follow me there too. I'm sure I'll be sharing more of what we are doing over here in the future (probably without the pinterest "ad", but you can bet that some of it will come from saving a resource on pinterest).



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