Monday, March 5, 2012

It's March?

In the past four months, we've found out we were pregnant, realized Joel needed a different job to float the boat, searched, applied, waited, got, moved to NH, painted, renovated, filled out countless pieces of paper, registered, applied, had three bank accounts at once (nightmare), and the list goes on... We announced to "the world" (allowed it to go on Facebook) that we were pregnant in January, and then the bittersweet news about us moving to NH and leaving Sheffield Chapel. It was rough and I cried more than I thought I would (because I thought I had prepared myself adequately). It was a strange move, with no real end, so it didn't hit all at once either. Although hard, it was definitely God's timing!

The MA apartment all packed up.

Our stuff in our NH home.

Joel is loving his job, we are loving the home we are in, and are excited to be closer to family. Joel liked the people he was working with in MA, and they were so great to our family, but Joel never wanted to be a housekeeper forever. He would have done it if it was the best way to support our family, and would have done it joyfully, but I think God blessed his willingness to do anything to provide for us and opened a door that brought him into a trade he would like to stick with and is closer to family.

We moved into the house I grew up in, and are sharing it with my sister when she is home from college. My parents moved into my Grandparents house (the house my mom grew up in - right next door and on the same property). Just the house has made a huge impact - and I think in a way that makes me healthier. We loved the apartment in MA, and the landlord was wonderful, but it was damp, a little cold, and we had problems with mold during certain times of the year. This house is brighter, dryer, and fits our family better (even though the floor space is less!). I have had a lot more energy in this house, and I know that has to do with the mold/dampness. Noah loves the huge yard, and Joel and I are going to love it for gardening and chickens this summer too!

We have painted over the wallpaper in most of the house, and put down new wood and laminate flooring to replace the carpet that kept everyone cozy for 20 years. We got rid of a few pieces of our own furniture before moving in, but nothing major, and the things that went in those pieces fit into closets, or cupboards anyway. Thankfully, I had my Aunt and Grannie and Papa that offered to come help me unpack during the days and move boxes around that were too heavy for me. My Uncle, a pro drywaller, put the mud on the hallway, livingroom and kitchen walls so that we could paint. My Dad did so much work through the whole house that you would be surprised that he even slept in those two weeks. Without our wonderful family, there would be no way that it would be ready for Melissa to come home the weekend after we moved with a girl's retreat!

The living room from the kitchen

from the front door. I altered our old curtains for the house.
living room and kitchen from the front door.
I love the over the cabinet storage!

our bedroom

Noah's bed

dresser/changing area and doll house my Grampa made for me.
toy corner
Baby #2's bed!
We had an amazing group of people who helped us pack in MA and a few were experts at packing trucks. They managed to get everything except our bikes and adirondac chairs in the uhaul and van. Some even stayed late to help us clean so that we could hand our keys back to the landlord that day. Our Sheffield Chapel family is a true blessing and we praise God for them! This is only one picture of the lengths they will go to help each other and show the overflowing love of Christ to each other. We enjoyed our time with them, and wish that we could all live a little closer. We miss them!

When we got to NH, we had a few friends and family that helped unload what we could from the Uhaul and it was just the right amount of help since things were going in a million directions and the bedrooms weren't even done yet. Now we are unpacked and into March. I am 21 weeks pregnant and we know we are having a BOY! We chose the name and put shelves over each of the kids' beds with their names on them. I love the midwife I met and appreciate the way they do things at the hospital we chose. So far, everything has been above my expectations! Noah is enjoying all his time with Papa, Granny, Grampa and Grammie and I'm pretty sure they don't mind it either.

Since things have mostly settled down now, I might be on here a little more often, but still, no promises. Joel and I are loving the way our day to day life is going and I don't want blogging to mess up our rhythm or make me neglect other areas of the house, so we'll see how it goes.

First Sunday in NH, and 18 weeks pregnant

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