Monday, August 22, 2011

We love woodworking

Special update (3/1/2014): We opened the Etsy Shop! You can see our latest creations that are for sale at  and follow the shop on facebook: Thrifty Innovations.
Well, I've only sanded so far, but I love the results and love helping draw the outline before Joel cuts it. Joel asked if I would feel comfortable using a scroll saw because he thought it would be neat to do it together if we ever find a second one. I love this idea and Joel is keeping his eyes open. So far, we have made some teethers, a toy car, and a stacking toy. Our pediatrician said we should bring an extra teether with us next time because she might want to buy one. After this and a few other comments from friends, I think we'll be opening up the Etsy shop soon. We just need to finish some more toys. Joel is the one that suggested I post about these and share the link for the finish we just made the other night. If you can't tell - we love woodworking and toymaking.

We made a really simple wood polish that is completely non-toxic and natural. I had searched around a little and found Amber Dusick's blog post on how to make Beeswax Wood Polish. She makes really cute little toys but has put her Etsy shop on vacation for the time being.

We had been letting Noah play with the toys we made for him anyway, but the polish made them feel like they were really done! Here are some cool before and after pictures of the stacking toy and the little car Joel made for his birthday. (Joel took the before pictures of the stacker at night and I took the after pictures just a few minutes ago in the middle of the day. So the lighting isn't perfect to show off the difference, but you'll get the idea.)

And the truck! This truck was inspire by a sweet little car that my dear friend Tina gave to Noah. The car was made by Finns & Flowers Handmade Toys. Joel made this truck for Noah's birthday. He has done some woodburning before and woodburned a message on the bottom of the truck.

Before the polish:

After the polish:


  1. I like how the beeswax finishes it off... really nice work Joel and Michelle.

  2. I love the toys!! I definitely think you have a future with etsy for sure. I will most definitely help advertise for you!!! Have you figured out how much you would sell the stacker toy for?

  3. I agree with Kristin! These are awesome! Great job guys!




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