Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We took a week off from being "busy" - now to keep it this way.

Basil had a restful week too.
We had an awesome week last week. There is so much I could say about it. We took a break from email (most email), facebook, TV, picking out songs for Sunday, guitar making, hobby woodworking and other things that were keeping us "busy", so that we could slow down and smell the flowers. In the right place, I don't see anything wrong with the activities, but I know I was drained and so tired from daily life and from the pile up of months of emotions surrounding seeing my family in Minnesota, saying goodbye to my Grandparents in NH, and dealing with Noah's ongoing weight issue. We needed to refocus and needed to have a week to leisurely and purposefully spend with each other and God.

I was literally slowing down to smell the flowers.
My love languages with God are his creation and Music. God has done so many things that show us his love and that communicate with us but the two that really connect with me are the beautiful things that he has made and the beautiful music that we are given the opportunity to create and listen to.

Math and science were the areas that I would have wanted to continue in if I went to college because they amazed me. I love the intricacies that we have only begun to understand and how math is in everything that is created. How planned and ordered! I don't  know the technical side or the technical language anymore, but I still have the same wonder that I had as I began to see how detailed everything that was created is.

And Music! The beautiful sound is everywhere! I even love to hear the howling wind as a thunderstorm starts to roll in. There are sounds that only nature can make and there are sounds that we are blessed to be able to control and be creative with. When we went to Tanglewood one year to see the Boston Orchestra perform, I got chills. I was in awe! Yes, they were talented, and yes, they practiced, but that those beautiful sounds were a part of God's plan is breathtaking. When one part moved into another, I could feel my head doing that slow roll that I use to wonder about when I saw pianist moving as they played. The music made my eyes well up. Really, I'm not crazy. I did stop my head after the first sway when I realized that I looked like a goof ball, but the music was beautiful, and it made me thank God that I could hear it. This last week, I didn't see a live orchestra, but I did listen to Leeland's most recent CD which we hadn't had in a CD player since it came out. Between the words and the music... I was gone.

So, it was an emotional week for me. I don't mean that I was teary eyed the whole time; there were just many points of excitement, relief, awe, and joy.

We need God all the time, but we really needed God before this last week. We needed that time to be completely immersed in His Word, prayer and reflection at any point of the day that we would normally do any other activity. It was refreshing, and healing.

Our plan for a more peaceful house:
I did not want to go back to the way things were before. Joel never complained about the house not being peaceful, but I was! It felt too chaotic and we were sporadically picking up the computer for something, or sanding a piece of wood, or deciding what we had in the freezer to cook, or disappearing into another room for a project. Thankfully, we have a plan. We made a few "house life" points. They aren't rules really, but they are things we are going to try so that our life can be a little more ordered, calm and peaceful.
This is what I mean:

I told Joel that I wanted to only blog and use facebook when he is at work or away and I volunteered to sort and check his email during the day so that when he comes home, there isn't much we have to do with the computer. He can still check stuff, but there is less to check and fewer people wanting to use the computer. When he gets home he wants to rest and play with Noah and I want to be with them too, so I wanted all those extra distractions out of the way.

He is going to have one night that he really works on the guitar. This way it isn't sporadic and it doesn't feel like he is always thinking about it because of his random trips to the storage room to tweak something.

And the ideal: Joel and I are doing devotions in the morning together before he goes to work, reading separately at lunch time, and having family devotions and worship after family dinner. I say ideal, because so many events and meetings are planned for the evenings and our grocery shopping and errands tend to run right through dinner prep and dinner. It seems like family dinner and devotions will be hard to create a solid routine with, but we are going to try!

On Sunday evenings after Noah goes to bed, we are going to talk about our schedule for the next week, make plans, and decide on what's for dinner for the next week from our "Easy Food" chart ("easy" because I have all the ingredients and because I have it written on the chart so that I don't have to wrack my brain for ideas). We did this this week and I loved writing every night's meal down with Joel. I loved hearing his suggestions and preferences. We made the "Easy Food" chart a couple weeks ago because I had read that many families have about 10 favorites/staple meals. Not that they don't make more of a variety, but they have those 10 meals that just always pop up in a month. Because of the way I cook and shop, it is easier to have a list of all the meals we eat on a regular basis so that I can keep the house stocked with the food. We ended up with about 20 meals in a spreadsheet with a couple lists of main ingredients that I should always have in the cupboards. This helped us plan our bulk buying and it has helped us budget our food. Joel doesn't usually tell me what meals he likes more or less than another one. He ended up suggesting about half of the meals on our "Easy Food" chart, so now I know a few of his favorites.

I am hopeful.
And I am so thankful for my amazing husband! He seriously evaluates our life and actually does something about the things that need to change. I was so excited that he wanted to do "a week off from being busy" so that we could reevaluate and focus on God. I am thankful that God moved in us so that we felt prompted to take last week off and then to come up with a solid plan rather than jump right back into chaos.

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  1. Sounds wonderful Michelle. You guys are so lucky to have each other and be on the same page together.




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