Saturday, July 2, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things: wood teethers, gardens, and my boy

Homemade wooden teethers, the garden I get to garden in, and my boy!

I have lots of pictures to share (and a flower question)!

lavender and teethers
Joel and I picked up a ton of nice wood for $25 (craigslist!) and are making little toys and games with it. We have seen really cool wooden toys and teethers on Etsy and thought it would be a fun thing to do together. We are starting with teethers and I love them. We are going to list some on Etsy too just to see if they sell. We racked our brains to think of a shape that was original so that we weren't copying someone and thought of a baby foot (we haven't seen them yet anyway). I love baby feet and footprints, so it appealed to me. After we made the template, I realized it is kind of cute and comical for an additional reason: baby's like to suck on their feet anyway, so I guess, why not give them a third! We plan to make a beeswax and jojoba oil finish for them too, but we haven't found a source for the beeswax yet.

three variations we experimented with

the one Joel rounded with the router

template, just cut piece, then rounded with router and sanded

works in progress stay in this basket

We garden for our landlord to help with rent and I love it! Okay, I don't always love weeding, but I don't hate it either because 2 hours of weeding goes by like 30 minutes - I think that says something. He has four garden areas that we take care of for him and we have two. Ours are on either side of our patio, three of his are by his entrance and the big one is out away from the house. Needless to say, his stay weeded better than ours because I'm always starting with his and by the time I finish, its usually time to go inside. The big garden is lovely and I get herbs and lavender for the house. We also have a few vegetables that we are trying to grow in the back.

It is pretty crowded. I think I might try to thin some stuff.

Can anyone tell me what these are??

Tomato plants

The garden from the back

They aren't growing in the right spot, but these ones taste
better than the other ones in his garden. I keep cutting these
down to use them and they come right back up!

And of course, I love my boy! :-)

Noah playing with the teether and grass

Mom, who does he look like?



It was time to go inside!

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