Monday, June 27, 2011

What is going on?

There have been a lot of changes around here. Thinking about blogging makes me notice the changes, but there would probably always be a lot whether I noticed or not. On our way to NY to pick up a bunch of wood for Joel, I started talking to him about a few blogs I had read earlier in the day, specifically Homemaker by Choice. After I commented that I kind of wanted to blog again, Joel quickly added that he liked it when I blogged. I was excited to hear him say that because I didn't want to do something that he thought was a waste of time. He said it is another way to hear/read what I'm thinking about.
A favorite photo op stop on the way to Minnesota.

I am excited to blog again, but admittedly intimidated by the thought of posting an "update" instead of just a fun post. So this will be an update, but I'll try to remember to add fun stuff too...

In order of my previous odd "updates":
  • Basil is doing great. She is sweet, using her litter boxes, found a few favorite cuddle spots in the house, curls up on our laps, and is being so nice and patient with Noah. I think she has finally settled in with accepting changes.
  • We have had our friend living with us since my last post. Our landlord was still deciding whether or not he wanted our friend to stay with us when he moved in (our landlord said it was fine for him to move in for the time being). Unfortunately, our landlord came to the conclusion that based on local laws about health safety and the number of adults aloud to live in an apartment based on the amount of rooms (ours was only inspected for one bedroom even though it has two now) that it was not legal for our friend to stay. He is moving out this week.
  • Noah is finally gaining weight but slowing down again. I am hoping that all we need to do is add even more calories to his diet, but I'll find out in another week. He has had three sets of lab tests to figure out why his skin is yellowish (14 vials of blood total) without anything conclusive. His liver function has been tested three times and is consistently higher than usual, but nothing that they are super concerned about since his bilirubin count is normal. He is 18 lb 1 oz now and finally on the percentile chart, but they are still hoping for 2 more pounds before his 1st birthday in a month.  (Perspective: When they sounded the alarms about his low weight, he was 15lb 10oz at 9 months old. He is now almost 11 months and 18lb 1 oz. He weighed 10 lb 11oz when he was born.)
So there is the update on my updates. It has been crazy and mostly because of Noah's MANY appointments and dealing with one car that is needed by both of us when Noah and I have to go out.  We are going to attempt a major cleaning/scrubbing of the house when our friend moves out this week because it smells stale when you come in from being outside (its a basement apartment but usually doesn't have issues with mold etc.).

More updates for those that are far away and like to keep up with us:

Noah almost going to Gramma. He is grumpy when he wakes up.
  • We went to Minnesota to visit my Grandparents and family on my dad's side and to have a nice family vacation on the drive back. It was marvelous and I might have to put a post up just about that. I haven't seen my Grandparents in 5 years but I felt right at home with them. My Gramma (who suffered from a stroke many years ago and can't speak much at all) was so excited to see everyone and meet Noah. A highlight for me was when she managed to say "Do you know who I am?" While Noah and I were sitting with her on the couch. It was amazing and one of those moments that takes your breath away. I made sure to repeat what she said to Noah because without being awkward, I really just wanted her to know that I understood what she said. She tries so hard to talk to us and let us know what she is thinking, but I can rarely understand.
Grampa see-sawing with Melissa

Grammie playing in the snow with us.
  • Three days before we left for this vacation, my Grampa (on my mom's side) passed away. A month before that, my Grammie passed. It was terrible and the first time I've lost people so close to me. It was particularly hard with my Grampa because with his passing came a finalization that I hadn't prepared for. Having both of them gone is so difficult. They lived next door to us my whole life and were a key part in my upbringing. From everyday waves and brief visits, to Holiday traditions, to weekly family time, to them looking down the hill into our windows and asking what we were up to. I love them and miss them.

So between our trip to Minnesota and a grave side service in NH the following weekend, we missed three Sunday's at Sheffield Chapel. We missed our church family and are glad to be back home.

On really cool, exciting notes:
Joel's project. He will post more on his blog.
  • Joel's guitar project is taking off! He has a beautiful spalted maple top and walnut backing for his electric guitar. Joel has told me before that if he could choose his profession, it would have been luthery (making guitars). It suites him. I suggested a while ago that he start it as a hobby. He has been slowly gathering information, tools and wood and got permission to use the shop at the school that he works at. He has a key now and can go anytime he wants to do wood working. 
  • On top of that, we picked up a bunch of "scrap/amazing" wood for $25 on craigslist. We are using it to make little wooden toys and games together. I love this! We already made Noah a wooden teether and just need to get some beeswax so that we can make the finish for it. I'll be sure to be adding cool pictures and updates on these projects. 
  • Our landlord told us that if we took care of the black fly issue upstairs in his house every week and weeded the gardens, he would knock a bunch of rent off per month. He has been really helpful and generous to us. This will be awesome because it will help us get rid of our medical bill faster! Plus, I get to use part of his garden for yellow bell peppers, tomatoes and turnips and I use his fresh herbs and chives all the time.
  • Joel and I are also going through a Bible study together that I will eventually be leading on Thursday mornings as a ladies group. I am so excited and am loving going through it with him! I have really wanted to be a part of a Bible Study again and do the first principles by BILD, but many of us women have found it difficult to get out of the house at night and really don't want to because of our kids going to bed and spending time with our husbands. Thursday morning worked for the mommies I talked to so far and they seemed excited about the idea of a day time Bible Study. I can't wait!

So, if you made it this far, you can see that we have been on a little bit of a roller coaster. I am hoping that after writing this, I can get back to "normal" and get some time to have fun with my blog again.
 I have a lot of stuff that Joel actually brings up as suggestions for blog posts (I love my husband), I just didn't want to dive into that without an "update" post first. So I will post again soon!

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