Monday, June 27, 2011

What is going on?

There have been a lot of changes around here. Thinking about blogging makes me notice the changes, but there would probably always be a lot whether I noticed or not. On our way to NY to pick up a bunch of wood for Joel, I started talking to him about a few blogs I had read earlier in the day, specifically Homemaker by Choice. After I commented that I kind of wanted to blog again, Joel quickly added that he liked it when I blogged. I was excited to hear him say that because I didn't want to do something that he thought was a waste of time. He said it is another way to hear/read what I'm thinking about.
A favorite photo op stop on the way to Minnesota.

I am excited to blog again, but admittedly intimidated by the thought of posting an "update" instead of just a fun post. So this will be an update, but I'll try to remember to add fun stuff too...



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