Friday, May 13, 2011

My Skinny Boy

Well, it has been a while again since I posted. Exactly a month actually. We have been moving things around in the house because a friend of ours will be moving in with us for a while.

This is Noah early this month - May. He is such a happy guy.
Right now I am watching my son walk along the piano bench in his bathrobe.... well after that brief interruption (I had to go get my son as he was peeing on the floor), he is now taking another nap. I have an old picture of Noah in the same housecoat and when I put him in it today, his skinny body nearly made me cry... I could just wait a week to post this when I have some answers, but I'm not going to.

I was sick for almost a month and a half late last year and I could tell Noah was being affected. We had to supplement his days with formula for his sake and mine. I slept almost all day with chills and a fever and couldn't handle the evening feeding.  At Noah's scheduled doctor's appointment, I raised concern about Noah's weight gain but was told not to worry about it and that he was probably just "evening out". At the next appointment, when I thought I had no reason to worry, the doctor commented on low weight. We were blown away! And I was a little heart broken that we had let it go 6 more weeks when I thought something was happening all along. Five months later, we are still battling with it and we don't know what the cause is. Noah isn't even on the percentile chart for weight.

His development is great according to the doctors. His head circumference is still growing and he is getting taller, but a little slower than expected. He eats amazing proportions and still nurses like crazy. According to a book suggested by the doctor, a child between 8 and 12 months can eat 1/2 cup to 1 cup at each meal and 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup at two snacks plus nurse 5 times during the day. I've upped him to a full cup or more at each meal and although all he seems to want is to nurse for a snack, I am now giving him snacks. Trust me, he won't eat more than that! And if I make him, he will throw up the extra I worked hard to get him to swallow. I'll be trying vitamins now, and I'm going to a nutritionist to see if they have any ideas besides giving him more (because that is not possible).

But what I'm holding my breath for, is test results. My little boy had 5 viles of blood drawn yesterday to test his thyroid, and to test for celiac disease, diabetes, iron, and all other allergies. The doctor asked a lot of questions at our last appointment, and while celiac was on my radar after we removed most grains from his diet because he kept throwing them up, diabetes was not. Noah has started peeing excessively. This is not just changing the diaper more often, this is changing a completely soaked "waterproof" diaper many times in a day and regular diaper changes at night. I figured the more he ate, the more he peed, but the doctor wasn't so sure. On top of that, when he use to be able to make it through a night without eating, he now wakes up for three meals, and not just for comfort. He has always been a very tired baby but still takes 2 or 3 fairly long naps and has been sleeping from 6pm to 8 or 9 am the past couple of days. If he doesn't take his nap, I notice his overtired looks especially rubbing his eyes. So the extra nursing, tiredness, slow weight gain and excessive urination made diabetes a candidate and have led me to do countless google searches.

It could all be nothing or it could be everything. Through this whole thing, my optimism has been that it is just Noah. And it really could be:
  • He could be eating more at night because his body needs to catch up in weight,
  • He could be peeing more because he is eating more,
  • He could be struggling to gain weight because he is going to have a fast metabolism like Joel,
  • and he could be tired because he is soooo active!
But now the doctors need to check for everything and I am ready to start getting some answers and less speculation. If there is nothing wrong with the blood tests, I'll hope the nutritionist has some answers, and if she doesn't, I'm wondering if I should just try more formula.

I've stayed sane so far, while I wondered every day about his progress and what could be hindering him. I am so thankful that Noah is far from a starving baby even though he does need a little more meat on his bones. I would love to have some answers, but I'll have to continue to trust God with the things I don't know.

I am not sounding an alarm bell; for right now, it is cool. It isn't something everyone has to worry about, just something that could be kept in prayer. We are taking it one day at a time but sometimes, it gets to me a little. This is not what I expected out of parenting, but I also gladly admit that everything else is so much better than I expected.

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