Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The attention hog/cat - Basil

I'm not quite sure how I let it go this long without a post. I really did have things I wanted to write about, but we have been a little busy and preoccupied.

This is an old picture of Basil chillaxin'.
Our sweet cat is sleeping peacefully on her cat scratcher but has had a rough month. About two weeks ago, we brought her to the vet because we thought she might have a UTI. Thankfully (sort of) she doesn't but they said her "issues" are mostly a mystery. She needs some pretty serious dental work, which could be giving her pain or discomfort, but the vet didn't think it directly caused Basil's UTI like symptoms (peeing outside of the litter box). The vet seemed to think we could wait a little while to save up for the dental work.

Since our financial situation doesn't have room for the dental work prescribed, we honestly considered finding her a new home. This was not easy for me to accept, and thankfully it probably won't have to come to that (we found a cheaper vet in the area, but still need to save up). I started scowering the internet for good opinions on pet ownership and found many that I agreed with and could mold into our philosophy on the subject. Here is basically our conclusion:



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