Saturday, March 19, 2011

Feet and Farming

from our garden in 2009
This post is a little random. I have feet and farms on the brain. I guess I'll explain...

Joel and I had the opportunity to catch up with someone from his family on the phone today who happens to read this blog every once in a while. Since I like "home remedies", he asked about something for sore feet. He was sort of joking, but if I knew of something out of the ordinary, he wanted to know; he has been doing some extra hard work for a couple days. The first thing that came to mind was just a good foot rub from his wife, but I had no idea about herbs or ingesting anything to help. Well, if you are reading, this is for you: Home Remedies for Foot Pain. I think they had the right idea with a foot rub with oil and a foot soak in warm water with epsom salt. That sounds good to me right now, and I haven't even been working hard. But I didn't think about a banana or asparagus to reduce swollen or bloated feet.

The odd thing is that I started thinking that I would almost welcome some foot pain right now, as long as it comes from hard work in the fresh outdoors and preferably from digging in the dirt.

I have this incredible craving to be on a farm or in a garden. I started doing research on local farms that supply fresh meat and milk and then started researching local Community Supported Agriculture farms to possibly join and get some fresh produce from. I found two. Indian Line Farms and Farm Girl Farm. I know the owner of one of them and then found the other one that is about a mile from our house. Who knew! I was so excited at the possibility of walking down the road into beautiful green vegi land, that I almost packed Noah in the stroller to get a glimpse and picture what it will look like in three months. Unfortunately, it was Noah's bedtime and Joel was at Praise Team practice, so I just daydreamed...

I would love garden fresh vegetables from a real garden that I can see. I wouldn't mind going to a farmer's market either, but I wouldn't get to pick my own that way.

I have always joked with Joel and asked if we could live on a farm someday. The older kid(s) could help and I could put the tiniest one in a sling while we weeded and planted and then later picked fresh, real, yumminess. In a more realistic world, it doesn't have to be a large scale. Not really. Just a garden with enough so that I could cook a variety of food throughout the season. I would love to plant our own little garden, but I don't know where to start, and when we did it before, we had the money to put into the seed and plants etc. Now we are weighing our options to see what we can do.

freshness from our garden in 2009

So here I am, gushing and dreaming. The snow is gone, and I am smelling the lovely spring air. I am daydreaming about real food, garden fresh, yummm.


  1. I can't wait to plant our garden!

  2. We can't wait either! Do you already know what you are planting? Any suggestions for plants that pack a lot into a little garden?




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