Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dates on a dime - the library and dessert

Joel and I haven't had a date night in a while. We make time for each other at home, but we haven't had a chance to get out of the house. The last time we made the plan, I got sick.

My lovely sister said she would hang out at the house while Noah was sleeping so that we could go out for a couple hours. We had stir fried rice before we left and planned on only getting dessert out. I have to tell you, this was one of the best dates ever and I don't think we expected that from such a simple night.

Part one, the Library:

Tonight, Thursday, happens to be the only night the library is open past 5, so we decided to go there first. Since the library isn't the usual date spot, we made up games. We picked big dates in our love history and found the books that represented them in the nonfiction section (sort of like that game that is going around on facebook about grabbing the book closest to you and opening to page 59).

  • When we got married: 898 - a poetry book...
  • The "proposal" in Mexico: 525 - there wasn't a book at 525 but the one on the shelf that was before where 525 would have been was about starry skies. How romantic.
  • Our first kiss: 620 - and this book was about the emerging technology in today's age but the title sounded more like a suspense/thriller...

After big smiles and cuteness, we pulled down some oversized art books from the 750s and plopped ourselves against the wall to start looking through them together. We each decided on something that we thought was especially interesting about each print.

In review:
The library as a date spot receives four thumbs up from us! Since I really picked this spot, it made me ecstatic when Joel said he wished we had more time there. He said it reminded him "of old times". I melted when he said that and then opened the door for me while I grinned like a fool! I can't say enough good things about the way we just got to enjoy 'hanging out' with each other tonight. I love my best friend.

Part two, Desert:

We were just planning to go to Friendly's, but I really wanted a homemade dessert (that I didn't have to make) so we actually ended up at Barrington Brewery. This was obviously fine with Joel! I think this will be our official date spot choice. The onion rings we ordered to go with Joel's taster were real and so yummy. For the desert, we shared a homemade dark chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream, "their" hot fudge (which tasted homemade) and whipped cream. They solar brew their own beer and we found that really interesting.

In review:
I gushed (GUSHED) when I took the first bite of that brownie. I thought I was happy with my own brownie recipe, but now I'll have to start working on it again. If we are going to eat sweets, we are going to make it worth it! Barrington Brewery has really reasonable prices on everything, and we really appreciate their food and brews.

This date night was so great and really needed. Talking, laughing, grinning, gushing - just hangin' out. I love our special date nights at home when we make a special dinner and make the place look pretty after Noah goes to bed, but this was just so different. When we left the driveway to drive away, I sighed. I was already soooo thankful that Melissa was okay with hanging out at the house while we got out for a bit.

Mmmm... I am breathing happily with big sighs of gratefulness.

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