Friday, February 25, 2011

Changes - Slowly but surely

Our family is slowly making many significant changes in our life. I need to emphasize slowly and many.

My husband and I have had countless "couch chats" about ideal changes. There was a time when Joel was more than resistant when I had a change in mind. Change never came easy to us, but lately, we both have been eager!

Just one big change seemed to jump start it all.
We had been planning for me to quit for months. Months! But we were waiting for Joel to find a second job. We had been over our budget several times and didn't think there was room for us to lose a source of income. We had been struggling with my work schedule even though it was a work-at-home job. I was just too preoccupied with work because I always had a deadline on my mind which was taxing and left me exhausted. Only days after making an elaborate plan to fit my work time into our family schedule, I turned around from my computer and said to Joel "I just need to quit, now". Joel got a small smile on his face and said "Do it. God will provide." (I am seriously tearing up right now. I love this man that God gave me!) The relief that flooded my emotions cannot be explained.

Pulling out and packing up the work files! Yay!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A new favorite toy

I could be writing about one million different things it seems. But I am just going to post some new pictures of Noah. I should just explode soon and write a giant update, but not tonight. I am sick with a head cold that is disguising itself as an over emotional person. I have tears constantly running down my face because the work up to all the sneezes are torture. And because of all the tissues - just call me Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Anyway, in an attempt to make my very active child less dependent on my entertainment, I pulled the mirror out of his bedroom and then decided to take some pictures. I had so much fun and it gave me a break so that I could blow my nose as needed instead of having him try to help me (he loves tissues).

You can see more pictures in the picasa photo album.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Love Story

I have been thinking about my love story for a few days now: remembering how everything happened and thinking about how crazy it was. I spent a good part of yesterday writing it so that it could be done by the time Joel got home. I read it to him and he pressed the button that published it on my blog. :-) I guess he liked it (he did tell me that). Here is a taste.

"When I finally gave up, and admitted my shortcomings - that I did not know how to force the outcome I wanted on my life, I was given the greatest gifts of contentment, purpose, and a husband. Wait... What?"

If you don't know anything about my love life, I'll tell you it was definitely unconventional.

Click on the My Love Story page above if you want to read it. I put a few pictures from each event in too. Enjoy!



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