Saturday, January 15, 2011

Very cool website for buying household products with free shipping

I want to share a helpful website with you. Joel and I are penny pinching and really like this website because we can compare unit prices and it always ships free.

Joel and I were looking to buy some special detergent last month and ended up stumbling across We like to buy a lot of our household products online but don't like to pay for shipping. always ships free and has some great deals on popular items. To give you a heads up, the only catch is that you have to buy 6 items at once. That isn't a problem for us because when we get low on something, we can just add it to the cart and wait for 6 items to pile up. It is just like a shopping list waiting on your frig. If we really think about it, we can find 6 things that we need or will need soon (they have a few food products as well). We have been able to organize all of our most bought cleaning supplies (dish soap, laundry soup, trash bags), paper supplies (paper towels, tissues, T.P.), bathroom supplies and more in our "my product" section - seriously awesome. I don't have to search for the brand I always buy and I wont be searching around alice anymore either. I just go to the "my products" and put them in the cart when I need them.

I found out that they do have a referral program. So yes, hehe, I would get some referral points for this, but I would have recommended it to you anyway. I am glad I discovered it because it also gives you a $10 credit when you spend $50.

It saves lots of time and everything is shipped to your door free. If you are interested, click on the link below to sign up, and you’ll get a $10 credit in your account after you spend at least $50 on the site.

Happy shopping!

What a 6 item cart could be:
country save dish detergent
country save laundry detergent
oxy natural dishwasher detergent
7th gen trash bags
new england coffee

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