Monday, January 17, 2011

Proud Mama!

It has been a while. I think I will be keeping the blog up now though. I have a list of things I could blog about but the top of my list, is NOAH. He is seriously awesome in so many ways and for the past five days, he has totally amazed us!

We decided to try Infant Potty Training. We are considered "late starters" because he is pretty much mobile at this point. Apparently, it is easiest if you start before 6 month or before they start to creep and crawl. Well, we didn't have a problem! We might have tried to teach Noah about going to the bathroom for a week and then we stopped for a couple because we were traveling to NH several times over the holidays. While  Joel was at work on Thursday, I noticed Noah doing something, not sure what it was, but I know that I could tell he was doing a #2 (gross...). This reminded me about the EC training (Elimination Communication). Later that night, before we put Noah in his PJs, Joel held Noah over his potty and there was nothing. Joel did the "psss" sound, but it just didn't happen. Joel just decided to hold him over the big potty and did the same thing - "psss"....

Haha, Noah did it! He peed on the big potty. Well, he is pretty consistent with that now and then on Sunday added a #2 at night. 

To be honest, one reason I am so excited (other than the fact that my son is a genius) is that we switched to reusable diapers to save money. Because we are using reusable diapers... it is much more difficult to deal with a poopy diaper. And I really have a weak stomach too. If Noah keeps it up, I wont have to change a poopy diaper again and we wont be dealing with too many wet ones either. 

Hooray for early potty training!

About Infant Potty Training
Info online:
Two books I used as reference:
   Infant Potty Training - If you had to get one, I would recommend this one.

If you want to borrow one of the book, let me know (I mean, if I know you).

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